Godzilla vs Kong Review: Everything fans expected?

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So, this Friday I watched the movie I have been waiting for the last few years Godzilla vs Kong. AAAAANNNDDD I wasn’t disappointed. The latest addition to the Monsterverse has been long-awaited by fans like me and I think it delivered on the hype.

Godzilla vs Kong as the name suggests stars two of the most beloved titans King Kong and Godzilla and it delivers on what the title promises. And as with any Monsterverse movie, the human section of the movie is boring. But I’m sure no one cares about that. We all want to see titans fight and make us look like specks of dust.

Monsterverse movies always had good VFX. But this movie had some of the best CGI I’ve seen in some time. Particle physics like water interacting with Kong’s hair or buildings getting destroyed all look so pleasing. Even Godzilla looks better in this one than his previous incarnation in Monsterverse. Somehow the CGI artists made them really expressive, even though they can’t speak you can still understand what they’re expressing.

Junkie XL once again did a great job with the score. Kong and Godzilla roars are also great, they feel organic and yet out of this world. The choice of using transformer-Esque noise for Mechagodzilla when it moves was also pretty cool.

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The human aspect in this movie is the weakest and most nonsensical stuff ever. The human B storyline slowed down the movie a lot and felt a bit unnecessary in Godzilla (2014). In this one it’s the reverse, it feels like they don’t amount to much at all. Villains exist just so they can make Mechagodzilla and serve no other purpose. Millie Bobby Brown’s character is here just because of her star power. You could replace her with a random person movie won’t be much different. Almost every human is one-dimensional, uncharismatic, and BORING. I think they nailed human/monster chemistry in Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019) where humans and titans both pulled weight in the plot of the movie.

Also, there’s a lot of things that push the sci-fi aspect in this movie a little too far if I’m being honest. Somehow people don’t get radiation poisoning even when they are next to his atomic breath. Or how the world which is close to us in technological advancements as proven in Godzilla (2014) suddenly humans have developed anti-gravity engines like they make little to no sense but they look cool so it can be counted as nit-picks.

But let’s be honest, no one cares about humans in these movies anyways. In closing, I’d like to say, if you want a movie where you want to just enjoy yourself in pretty looking visuals and a lizard fight gorilla size of a skyscraper then yeah this movie is great. It’s paced well, doesn’t take itself seriously and has an adequate runtime.

You can watch the movie on HBO Max
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