Senpai! Danjite Koi De Wa! BL Live-Action Series Reveals PV, Visual

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On Tuesday, the official YouTube channel of MBS aired a 30-second PV of Senpai! Danjite Koi de wa! (Senpai! Anything But Romance) boys-love live-action TV series. The show is an adaption of Shinta Harekawa’s manga of the same name.

The video plays the opening theme song “Follow Your Heart”, which is performed by Nijisanji VTubers Kagami Hayato and Kaida Haru. The ending theme song “Ato Sū Senchi” (Just A Few Centimeters More) will be performed by Hilcrhyme.

Senpai! Danjite Koi de Wa! will air on June 16 on MBS and TV Kanagawa, followed by Gunma TV on June 21, Tochigi TV on June 22, and TV Saitama and Chiba TV on June 23.

Check out the promotional video and visual –

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The series stars – 
Toshiki Seto (left, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) as Yūki Kaneda
Shūichirō Naitō (right, Kamen Rider Saber) as Atsushi Yanase.


6 new cast members were also announced (L-R, Top-Bottom).

Shunsuke ImaizumiSatoshi Matsuda
Hayato IchikawaShū Watanabe
Chise ŌmuraRikako Sakata
Haruki IguchiTaisuke Niihara
Kōhei NakamuraJunya Asada
Sakura TanimotoHitomi Uneda


Senpai! Danjite Koi de wa! plot is as follows – Yanase is a 3D CG designer that has worked all around the world. Yanase is now back in Japan, where he is teaching a newcomer named Kaneda Yuki. There’s just one problem: Kaneda is quite hostile to Yanase, leaving him dissatisfied and unhappy. With a new project requiring them to work together, how can these two transcend their opposing personalities?

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Harekawa published the manga on Kadokawa’s Comic Fleur website in July 2019. A sequel Senpai! Danjite Koi de wa! Brush Up was released in 2020. Harekawa will create a sixth chapter for Senpai! Danjite Koi de wa! Brush up on June 16 which is related to the live-action series.

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