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My Hero Academia 101 – The Calm Before The Meta Liberation Army Arc

My Hero Academia 101 starts on an ominous note. We see cracks appearing everywhere in a city called Deika. Destruction is taking place..

My Hero Academia 100 – Boys are back in the game!

My Hero Academia 100 starts with Midoriya praising Shinso for his battle skills. He lays down everything Shinso did right in the battles..

My Hero Academia 99 – Izuku Midoriya has come so far!

My Hero Academia 99 picks off just where we left off in the previous one. Both teams Class A and Class B are engaged in an all-out fight.

My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Movie Reveals New Key Visual

On Monday, the official website for My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission, third movie in the franchise, revealed a new visual for the film.

My Hero Academia 98 – More Power, More Responsibility!

My Hero Academia 98 was the long-awaited one and finally, it cleared up some questions. It starts on a very ominous note where see All For..

My Hero Academia 97 – Bakugo makes us Proud!

My Hero Academia 97 starts with the fourth match of the training. It shines a light on Bakugo’s character development and we love it! We..

My Hero Academia 96 – Surpass your Limits!

My Hero Academia 96 has become a favorite because it’s just so awesome. It made me emotional in a good way. Seeing to the extent the stude..

My Hero Academia 95 – Future is in our hands!

My Hero Academia 95 starts with the aftermath of the previous match. While Class A-Team goes to the infirmary, Class B gets reprimanded for..

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Reveals Stealth Suits

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission's official website revealed revealed the new "Stealth Suit" designs for Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki.

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