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My Hero Academia Episode 108 – League Of Villains Need To Buckle Up!

In My Hero Academia episode 108, we are taken back to the past to find out how did he get here. We know currently that Tomura Shigaraki..

My Hero Academia Episode 107 – Appalling Truth Comes Out!

My Hero Academia episode 107 could be a tear-jerker for some of you because it hits you hard. It starts well with our Class 1-A student..

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Makes ¥310M On Opening Day

My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes' Mission anime film released on Friday and made approximately 310 million yen ($2.81 million).

My Hero Academia Episode 106 – True Atonement!

In My Hero Academia episode 106, we see Endeavor realizing the meaning behind his dream and the true way he can atone for his past actions.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 – Forgiveness Is Hard To Come By!

My Hero Academia episode 105 focuses on the Todoroki family. It takes us on a painful journey from the start when all went wrong with..

My Hero Academia Episode 104 – Something to Protect!

My Hero Academia episode 104 starts with a recap. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki had a hard time catching up to Endeavor on their first..

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Film Reveals PV, New Cast

The official website and Toho's YouTube for My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission film revealed more cast members and PV.

My Hero Academia 103 – Time for a Game Plan!

My Hero Academia 103 starts with Hawks visiting a mansion. He faces a group of people in a room consisting of League of Villains members..

My Hero Academia 102 – So It Begins, Things are Getting Real!

My Hero Academia 102 starts with Hawks being on call with Dabi. We see him assuring Dabi that he is still on their side and their goal is..

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