My Hero Academia 100 – Boys are back in the game!

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My Hero Academia 100 starts with Midoriya praising Shinso for his battle skills. He lays down everything Shinso did right in the battles and how he was a threat Midoriya was wary of. This comes off as a surprise to Shinso but he feels good about it. He has come a long way from his Sports Festival match and for Midoriya to recognize his efforts and admit he was good shows Shinso’s improvement. Even though he lost the match in the 5th round against Midoriya still this is admirable enough.


Aizawa agrees with Midoriya’s sentiments. Vlad announces that even though they still have to review some things but surely Shinso will join Hero class in the second year. He asks the students to be not left behind by anyone and give their all while honing their skills. We see Midoriya is still concerned about the fact that Monoma copied his quirk as it could have led to bad repercussions. Suddenly Aizawa asks Monoma to come with him to see Eri. Then we get to see Eri and Mirio’s interaction. It is always comforting to see these two characters in a happy space.

Bakugo seems to be having a good time as he gets to fight Midoriya to trigger his black waves quirk. Bakugo thinks the power will work in response to when Midoriya is attacked. All Might asks him to take it easy. Midoriya recalls how when the power disappeared while fighting Shinso he admitted to himself that he was not strong enough to control it. He believed that he needs to master One for All properly first and then tackle this new power. This makes him wonder if that line of thinking locked this power inside of him and now it will only appear when he is ready to use it.

While discussing with All Might and Midoriya, Bakugo compares this new ability to gain another power to All for One quirk. As the predecessor stated that Midoriya will receive the powers from 6 more quirks this means he will have more than one quirk at a time making his ability similar to that of All for One. This is very interesting. It makes you wonder if this was the younger brother’s plan all along. It is incredibly hard to go against someone like All for One when he seems to have so many surprises up his sleeves. When the Predecessor said ‘It’s time’ to Midoriya, I wonder if he meant the final stage is here.

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My Hero Academia 100

Patience is a virtue that the younger brother of All for One surely had. He knew he could not go against someone as strong as him so he led this path of the right people becoming Successors of his power. With every person a new quirk, another power got added up to what was already there. And when the time comes, everything will get unleashed. Well, Time will tell. For now, it feels good to know that Midoriya has these powers backing him up.

Well, on the other end all the kids are in high spirits after their combat battles. Todoroki admits to Midoriya that he is ready to seek whatever help he needs to go beyond his limits. The faculty of U.A decides that Shinso is indeed a good fit for the Hero Class. Though something seems intriguing when it comes to the reason behind Aizawa helping Shinso.

Looks like Aizawa asked Mirio and Midoriya to tag along so that Eri will feel comfortable around Monoma. He asks Monoma to copy Eri’s quirk. But it does not work out as Monoma states this quirk is similar to Midoriya’s in the sense that he can’t copy the quirk which collects energy and then releases it. Even if he can try to mimic it but there will not be any power in his actions.


Upon hearing this Midoriya feels grateful that Monoma avoided activating One for All power as it would have broken him. Mirio asks Aizawa about the reason for asking Monoma to copy Eri’s quirk. It seems that Aizawa thought if Monoma could copy and try the quirk then maybe he could show Eri how to use it more safely. This reminds Eri how her power is something that worries other people. She wishes about not having it at all. Midoriya comes forward to comfort her. He reminds her how her power was the one that saved him.

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Also, he makes a comparison of the power to a knife. Saying how even though a knife is a dangerous object but when you use it for cooking the result is so pretty. Just like that, he says that her power can be used in the right way and it is a gift. He seems to correlate this line of thought to his new circumstance of having something similar to All for One’s power. He has full faith in himself that he will make this power his ally and use it for good. This encourages Eri and she feels motivated to do better.


Class 1-A kids are lounging around. Some of them note how Todoroki and Bakugo are taking the last test after which they will finally acquire the Hero provisional license. And here comes my favorite part of My Hero Academia 100. It’s a treat to see these boys in action and I love how the scene plays out for them to showcase their skills with their Hero provisional license in hand. A robbery seems to take place where there are no heroes around. But All Might and the boys are there, it’s no wonder Todoroki and Bakugo do not hesitate to jump into action. I love this scene, it is so exciting.

When the first blows don’t keep the villain down, Bakugo and Todoroki go all out. All Might ends up in danger while trying to save a civilian. But Bakugo manages to save them. Todoroki handles the villain perfectly. Later, All Might and a hero come rushing towards them. When the hero sees all the villains are apprehended and gets to know Bakugo even managed to save the belongings of people from burning away he gets super happy. He notes how both the boys will become top heroes.

My Hero Academia 100

My Hero Academia 100 was a fun episode just before the villain arc kicks in. It’s indeed nice to see the boys properly doing their hero duties. When Bakugo and Todoroki get to their dorm house, the other Class 1-A students surprise and congratulate them. It is a happy affair. Looking at the preview we can expect that the next episode will also be in a lighter tone. Things will surely be fun!

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