My Hero Academia 99 – Izuku Midoriya has come so far!

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My Hero Academia 99 picks off just where we left off in the previous one. Both teams Class A and Class B are engaged in an all-out fight. While All Might, Aizawa, and Vlad are on the sidelines deciding whether they need to step in or not. All Might is concerned about Midoriya’s power and asks Aizawa to put a stop to the battle. But Aizawa looks at the kids and says how this fight is something all the students need to prove themselves, to know they have gotten better. He does not want to take away this opportunity from them. Most importantly it’s also a test to see if Shinso gets to be part of the Hero Class. He assures that if Midoriya’s quirk gets out of control then he can put a stop to this.

We see Shinso overpowering Midoriya making Uraraka concerned about him. He tells her that he cannot be using his quirk to counterattack as he is unable to control it at present. Uraraka responds that it’s better to fall back and regroup so they can form a plan of attack. But Midoriya disagrees, he says there is no going back as Shinso is right in front of them they need to handle him and win the battle. I love how Midoriya’s brain works in tough situations. When Uraraka thinks he will most likely not use his quirk, he surprises her. Midoriya has something up his sleeve.


On the other hand, the rest of the teammates from both classes are fighting head-on against each other trying to gain the upper hand. Ashido uses Acid shots against Class B and Shoda uses Twin impact on a metal piece to hit her. But surprisingly Mineta comes to aid Ashido trying to stop the attack. He laid the pop-off balls all over the place which gave him a path to bounce off them and reach Ashido in time. Mineta being Mineta had ulterior motives for that move which annoys Ashido. She launches him with an Acid Layback move. This gives birth to Grape-Pinky Combo that makes Mineta bounce on all his pop-off balls at a high speed making it hard for Class B to make any moves.

Monoma suddenly attacks Uraraka and Midoriya using Yanagi’s quirk. As he moves forward towards Midoriya, he thinks about how even though his quirk is something that allows him to copy others’ quirks he never hated it. He believes that even with being a side character he can outshine the protagonist by doing things his way. I love his confidence and optimism, rather than feeling insecure about his quirk he chooses to be better with the help of it. We see Monoma getting ready to use Midoriya’s quirk One For All. This worries Midoriya as he remembers All Might mentioning how if a weak body tries to handle the quirk it breaks down. He quickly tries to stop Monoma from using it.

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When Midoriya does not seem to succeed, we see Uraraka coming forward and holding down Monoma using Gunhead Martial Arts. She tells Midoriya not to worry, that it was just a trick and she has it handled. Shinso tries to help Monoma but Midoriya reaches him with the help of Uraraka’s Zero Gravity quirk and stops him. Looks like it’s finally time for the one-on-one fight between Midoriya and Shinso to commence. Midoriya notes how Shinso is a bigger threat. He knows if he does not deal with Shinso now his team will lose the battle. Shinso looks excited to go head to head with Midoriya as this is a second chance for him.

On the sidelines the teachers are worried but Aizawa assures that he has Midoriya in his sight. So if things go awry then he will take action. We see a flashback of Shinso training with Aizawa where he is learning how to use the cloth bindings. He says how it’s harder to master it in less time when it took 6 years for Aizawa. Aizawa assures him that with his insight, it will make it possible for Shinso to be able to work with it. We are brought back to the fight where we see Shinso telling himself he is different now. More equipped with handling his opponents.


With this confidence, he uses his cloth binding and pulls down two large pipes on Midoriya. But Midoriya always has a penchant for surprising us. He is in control of his emotions and with a stable heart and mind, he reaches for the black whip power making it hold the pipes from falling on him. It has been a long journey, a very hard struggle for him since he acquired One For All quirk. After being able to work with it and coming so far, he believes that he can handle this new power too. There is a newfound confidence in him which makes him feel invincible.

My Hero Academia 99

We see that the black wave-like structures worry the teachers but All Might senses that this time it is different and asks them to hold on. Seeing Midoriya control his power, Shinso asks him if everything before was just for a show. But suddenly Midoriya loses his power making his body hurt all over from inside. He realizes that this power is too strong for his body to handle with an only minimum output of One For All. He notes that he can only use this power to the full extent when he has complete control over One For All.

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Shinso retreats as he realizes the brainwashing will not work on Midoriya in the current state. He knows he needs to defeat Midoriya for his team to have a chance to win. We see Uraraka moving towards the jail cell with a captured Monoma. Monoma is always good with how he speaks, he knows how to manipulate or put pressure on people. Uraraka is also aware that he could be using Shinso’s quirk so she is careful around him. Still, it looks like even though Monoma is captured he left something to help Shinso out when the time comes.

Uraraka feels disturbed after hearing this from Monoma and gets ready to help Midoriya. But she suddenly remembers the favor Midoriya asks her for, which is for her to trust him to win and go help the rest of their teammates. Uraraka and Midoriya have a special bond and she has her full faith in Midoriya. So she chooses to go to her other teammates to help them. Shinso knows he can’t win in direct combat against Midoriya so he tries to lure him into his field. But Midoriya almost catches up to him before he is successful. Suddenly we see Midoriya is hit by a metal object that Monoma left to help Shinso at the right moment. With this opening created, Shinso charges to attack Midoriya.

At the same time, Shoda manages to hit Mineta and Yanagi attacks Ashido putting the Class A team in trouble. When push comes to shove, Midoriya manages to get through things spectacularly. This is what happens here, we see Midoriya attacking Shinso and restraining him in a quick move. Uraraka ends up helping her teammates. With Ashido delivering a blow against Shoda Class A team manages to take down the rest of the Class B team members. Even though Shinso lost the match we see him smiling. He is in awe of all the Hero Class students who gave their all and always seem to move forward with no stopping. He realizes how amazing Hero Class is.

My Hero Academia 99

With this last battle of action packed My Hero Academia 99 ends in favor of the Class A team, the result comes out as Class A winning the Joint Combat Battle. This leaves Class A students overjoyed. Aizawa gets ready to share his remarks regarding the match. Midoriya shows appreciation for both Shinso and Uraraka for helping him out when his power got unable to control. Uraraka’s actions are praised as she was able to calm Midoriya and save him before things went haywire. We know how losing Sir Nighteye affected Uraraka. It’s good that she has gained her confidence back.

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Suddenly Shinso talks about how he only followed Uraraka’s instructions. All he wanted was to give his team a chance to win and help Monoma. He was only saving himself. Aizawa reprimands him by telling him how everyone is working hard to become a hero to save lives. Sometimes it is hard to succeed at all fronts, not everyone is like All Might. He tells them that to save others first you need to save yourself. On this account he lets Shinso know that he passed the test and is part of the Hero Course now. This surprises Shinso, he is not satisfied with the passing but he knows this is his starting line. He will only go beyond his limits from here.

My Hero Academia 99 ended on a positive note. All students from Class A and Class B have worked immensely hard to develop their powers so they can achieve their goals. It gives you a sense of relief to see that future is in good hands now.

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