My Hero Academia 101 – The Calm Before The Meta Liberation Army Arc

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My Hero Academia 101 starts on an ominous note. We see cracks appearing everywhere in a city called Deika. Destruction is taking place and suddenly in amidst the ruins, Tomura Shigaraki appears in a bloodied state laughing maniacally. This feels like a preview for what is yet to come. Looking at him it’s no wonder that things will get unpleasant real soon.

My Hero Academia 101

After 9 days of this incident, we see Bakugo and Todoroki are getting interviewed for fighting off villains properly. Todoroki is calm and collected while for Bakugo the whole interview process is irksome. When later the interview got broadcasted it seems that only Todoroki’s answers were aired and Bakugo was almost cut off from the screen. Class 1-A students tease Bakugo about it while some of them wonder if it was for the sake of protecting his image.

At the same Midoriya watches the broadcast talking about the attack on Deika city. They discuss how as the city drove to destruction it could result in people losing their trust in heroes. Iida comments about how even though the destruction was worse than the Kamino incident there were lesser casualties. The broadcast goes ahead to show peoples’ reactions to the Deika city destruction. Surprisingly everyone has only something positive to say and is cheering on the heroes to do their best. Ashido notes that it could be because of Endeavor’s fight. During the incident where a young boy urged people to take note of how Endeavor was risking his life to save them.

We see Mt. Lady and Midnight enter the Classroom of Class 1-A to teach the students about the Showbiz world. Aizawa comments about how as everyone has gotten enough exposure to the outside world as a hero, he felt this session was in need. The kids are excited and motivated to do their best. Mt.Lady sets up a stage and conducts mock interviews for the students. She calls up Todoroki first and asks him to showcase his moves. Todoroki’s moves are impressive and powerful. The interesting thing is when the students bring up Flashfire Fist, he says he has not reached Endeavor’s level yet to showcase it. It looks like he is motivated in a good way to acquire the goal of him becoming a hero.

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My Hero Academia 101

When students wonder why showing off their moves is needed, Mt. Lady responds with how it is a way to showcase their strength to the world. It can help them identify others to work on a team with. Also, it helps keep the villains in check while giving a secure feeling to the people. Mineta is surprised at her response and by the sincerity in her words. Aizawa comments that with Endeavor as the number one hero the other heroes feel motivated to do better. We get a recap of all the students’ hero names and their quirks.

Bakugo’s explosive nature is highly in contradiction with Midoriya’s timid form during the interview. When Midoriya gets ready to showcase his move, everyone waits with bated breath to see his new move. Midoriya knows that he has the power inside of him, he only needs to allow it to flow out. After few seconds of concentration the power does release but only to a short extent. While this disappoints the students, Midoriya is happy because he knows this is progress. Now he can call the power on his terms which means soon he will be able to control the output percentage of that power and make good use of it.

My Hero Academia 101

All Might is collecting information to help Midoriya with the predecessors’ powers. The U.A. staff discusses the students starting work studies again in the winter vacation. This sudden decision by the Hero Public Safety Commission makes the teachers uneasy. They wonder if things will get worse and these are preemptive measures for it. The principal notes how certain things could be happening they are unaware of. But for now they need to just trust the process and see how everything goes.

Looks like the Principal has not yet figured out the mole in U.A. High School who helped the league of Villains with their ambush. All Might has faith in all the kids from Hero Class. It will be interesting to see who is the leak. Christmas is here and Class 1-A students look ready to party. But the news of work studies caught them off guard. They can’t help but discuss the work studies and the possibility of working with certain heroes. When others ask Bakugo about Best Jeanist he realizes how the hero is still missing. Even though he had a tough time under him in the past internship it looks like Best Jeanist left an impression on him.

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Mineta comments how they should enjoy the festivities rather than talking about school work. This pushes everyone to enjoy the party. Even Eri shows up for the Christmas party along with Aizawa. Looking at the kids happily laughing and having fun makes you feel good. So much has happened in the quest to become a hero and undoubtedly so much more will happen. Moments like this are a gift and the kids seem to enjoy it to the fullest.

My Hero Academia 101

At the end of My Hero Academia 101, Todoroki asks Bakugo and Midoriya to join him for internship training under Endeavor. This is pretty exciting as the boys will be most likely in the hub of the danger zone. But we know they’ll pull through. Still, it’s pretty nerve-wracking when you think about the coming episodes and what the boys will face.

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