Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Second coming of DCEU ??

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After 4 years of waiting fans finally got Zack Snyder’s Justice League, released on March 18 AND IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT. Just the fact that this exists is something which might be written in film history. When compared to Josstice League, this movie will be taught in film school. Just how much editing and pacing change the movie.

So after my third watch, I thought I’ll finally start writing the review. To those who think it is the same movie, it is not. It is way better than its 2017 counterpart. For the purpose of this review (and in my life moving forward), I’m going to refer to Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the Justice League as Josstice League is no longer canon to me.

Mural of Uxas ( Darkseid) in cave

So I’ll talk about the flaws first as I don’t have that many. Lois Lane is said to be a key character in this universe but she doesn’t do much in the movie other than mourning Superman’s death. The end scene after the epilogue felt a bit forced and might confuse the casual audience. The audio cues in the movies were a bit too much at times (especially Wonder woman’s). And I know Zack loves his slow-mo but I think by removing a few slow-mos and the dream sequence we could get a three-hour or three and half hour movie. Speaking of which 4 hours could be intimidating to casual viewers but it is well-paced so it doesn’t feel jarring. Also not a con but the 4:3 aspect ratio is not that distracting, you’ll not see it after the first 10 minutes or so. So let’s get to fanboying.


The bare-bones of the plot are basically the same. But Zack’s version is more fulfilling. It is super easy to follow with small openings for prospects. The overall plot is the same if you think about it but the major difference is the way it was executed. The opening shot of Superman dying is mind-blowingly beautiful. Even the Wonder woman bank robbery scene is given some time to breathe in this version and the difference is clear. Joss Weadon cut so much from the plot that few things didn’t make sense. The movie ends with a cliffhanger which makes me want more.

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The characters are well realised human beings in this version and they no longer feel like they’re a caricature of some MCU-type characters. Stakes in this movie feel tangible and scary. The plot didn’t happen because it was supposed to happen it just moves so well I didn’t even realise when we reached the end till the final part of this movie and that’s shocking when we realise this is a 4-hour long movie.

Action in this movie is so tight. From the Themyscira chase to the final act, the action looks top-notch. The Uxas (Young Darkseid) fight with Old Gods looks unbelievable. CGI looks really good most times given they barely had 7 months to finish it.


Stepphenwolf redesign
Villains :

STEPPENWOLF IS AMAZING. The design change works so much for him along with his amazing armour design which is almost always dynamic. He isn’t just some big man with Oedipus complex for some boxes. He is an actually well-rounded being and has character motivation and you actually feel bad for the guy. His eyes alone acted better than the 2017 abomination. Parademons look good as well. They look scary and are no longer canon fodder like the original movie and they do accomplish substantial stuff themselves. Darkseid. What can I say about Darkseid he is intimidating. I can’t wait to see him in future projects.

League :

Cyborg and Flash benefited the most in this version. I can’t tell you what both of them did in the theatrical cut other than flash falling on Diana and Cyborg saying ‘booyah’. In this version, we get their back-story and they got personality this time. We see the complex relationship between Cyborg (Victor Stone) and his father Silas, his struggles and his self-hatred, and him learning how to use his powers, which btw is real OP in this modern world). Flash is far less annoying in this movie, he still has hit or miss jokes but this time he does actually fight and use his powers in a more useful manner and not push a truck. I don’t know why Joss Weadon and Geoff Johns decided to underplay these two characters this much but I’m glad we can see them in full glory now.

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Ben Affleck is my favourite live-action Batman. He feels guilty after the death of Superman and he wants to respect his legacy. I think Snyder purposefully made him almost villain-ish in BvS because in this one he’s full of hope and faith. He’s more optimistic but still determined. He stands his ground with the Gods as their leader. His relationship with Alfred is still one of the best we’ve seen. Wonder Woman is still just as great. We see a more warrior side of her, which is nice after WW84, but she’s still full of compassion. Aquaman is still Aquaman. We get a bit more character motivation with help of Mera and Vulko it feels like he wanted to accomplish things himself and not just some coincidence.

The supporting characters also got time to shine. Alfred, Dr Silas Stone, Ryan Choi, Mera, Lois all get a bump to their characters. 4 hours of run time has really helped all the characters and give them time to breathe.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Bruce Wayne

I was a bit scared when I heard Hans Zimmer was not part of this project I was a bit scared that the score might not be as good as Batman v Superman. But what Junkie XL achieved with the score great. I’m sure this score will be his Magnum opus. I’m listening to the score while writing this review actually.

Closing Thoughts

So in my closing thoughts, I’ll just say this is the closest to Zack’s vision we can get. This isn’t just a movie, this was an event. An event where millions of fans and the actors, crew all worked hard to achieve for the last 4 years. Is this movie perfect? No. Is it for everyone? No. But it is a gorgeous and cohesive movie that can be enjoyed by fans and casual moviegoers if given a chance. This is a movie for fans, even those who couldn’t make it with us but their efforts won’t be forgotten. For Truth, For Justice. For Autumn.

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