Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Mobile Game Announced by Square Enix

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On Thursday, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest 35th anniversary live stream announced that the company and NHN PlayArt are working on a new Dragon Quest smartphone puzzle game called Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi (Dragon Quest Erase-Erase).

Keshi means erase and Keshigomu means eraser in Japanese. The game will be released for iOS and Android smartphones later this year.

In July 2020, Square Enix released the Dragon Quest Tact, a game by Aiming, tactical role-playing game for smartphones in Japan. In February 2020, the worldwide version of another Dragon Quest smartphone role-playing game, Dragon Quest of the Stars (Hoshi no Dragon Quest), was released.

Yuji Horii created the Dragon Quest role-playing video game franchise. Square Enix publishes the games. There are eleven main-series games and numerous spin-off games since the first game was released in 1986. Furthermore, various manga, anime, and books have been released under the franchise, with practically every game in the main series having a corresponding adaptation.

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NHN PlayArt is a video game development company that focuses on smartphone games. NHN PlayArt is a subsidiary of the NHN Japan Corporation which began operating October 1, 2015. NHN PlayArt is a maker of unique smartphone games, such as LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum, which has been downloaded 90 million times globally, and Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble.

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