Fantasia Sango Taiwanese RPG Game’s TV Anime Green-Lit for October

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On Friday, Geek Toys animation studio announced that they are working on TV anime adaption of UserJoy Technology’s Taiwanese RPG franchise Fantasia Sango (Huanxiang Sanguozhi or Gensou Sangokushi).

According to the website the anime is titled Gensou Sangokushi -Tengen Reishinki- and it is slated for release in October. Cast, staff and character designs been revealed.

Fantasia Sango’s narrative takes place in ancient China during the Three Kingdoms period. The period when many great warlords began plotting to dominate the known world. The 6th Unit has been reconstituted after being wiped out in unexpected circumstances. The members of this unit are: the commander and seal practitioner Ōki, the spirit cleanser Shunkyō, Teiken, and the demon slayer Shōrei. The cast members who are gonna voice these characters are:

Kensho Ono as Ōki
Hisako Kanemoto as Shōrei
Mai Nakahara as Shunkyō
Makoto Furukawa as Teiken

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The staff members are:

DirectorShunsuke Machitani
StudioGeek Toys
Assistant DirectorShinpei Nagai
ScriptsMasashi Suzuki
Director of PhotographyShigeki Asakawa
Sound DirectorYuji Tange
Sound EffectsMaki Takuma
Sound Recording EngineerAkira Sasaki
MusicTsutomu Tagashira
EditorNaoki Miyazaki
Tetsutarō Yui
Color ArtistYuko Kanamaru
Art AdviserOsamu Masuyama
CGRurika Miyashita
Art DesignMorihito Ohara
Art DirectorMegumi Katanosaka

The original RPG game developed by Taiwanese USER JOY Technology combines the world of “Sangokushi”, one of the four major Chinese classic novels, with a fantasy elements. The first game was released in 2003 and in total the games has 15 parts. The franchise has sold over two million copies.

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