Showtime! Manga Gets Censored and Uncensored ComicFesta Anime

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On Wednesday, a new website opened up for the ComicFesta anime adaption of Mai Kirikiri’s Showtime! ~Minami O-nee-san Datte H Shitai~ (Even Miss Minami Wants to Have S**) manga. The anime is titled Showtime! ~Uta no O-nee-san Datte Shitai~ (Even the Songstress Wants to Do It). The website revealed the staff, cast, character designs and visual teaser as well.

The anime will have both censored and uncensored versions. The anime’s uncensored aka “premium” version will premiere on the AnimeFesta service on October 3 at 24:00.

The censored aka “on-air” version will debut on the Tokyo MX and BS11 channel on October 3 at 25:00. ComicFesta Anime’s YouTube channel and other services will also stream the on-air version.

The cast and staff of Showtime! ~Uta no O-nee-san Datte Shitai~ are:

  • Rikka Kitami as Minami Takasaki
  • Hasshinsen as Shōji Fujimoto
  • Airi Akatsuki as Kana Fujimoto (Shōji’s daughter who loves parfaits and O-nee-san to Uta-ou! mascot Pao-tan)
  • Kanade Shirakami as Kazuhiro O-nii-san (Exercise leader on O-nee-san to Uta-ou! who is popular among the housewives)
  • Alice Sakurai as Pao-tan (O-nee-san to Uta-ou! mascot who loves apples)
Show Outfit
Casual Outfit
DirectorSaburou Miura
ScriptsSaburou Miura
StudioRabbit Gate
CharactersKenichi Hamazaki
Chief Animation DirectorLAZZ
Color Key ArtistChiwamushiro
Art DesignersMame
Kanade Sakaguchi
Art DirectorMame
Director of PhotographyMito Kanda
EditingKatsutomo Kunisawa
Sound DirectorHisayoshi Hirasawa (Studio Mausu)
ProducerPicante Circus
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Shouji Fujimoto, a single, widowed father aspiring to be a picture book author, meets Minami Takasaki, an idol singer from the children’s educational show Oujou-san to Uta-ou! (Let’s sing with our singer!). Minami, a children’s television star, is lonely in her private life and is forbidden from falling in love with him. Any scandal is strictly forbidden. So begins an adult love tale with a singer.

Read Showtime! ~Minami O-nee-san Datte H Shitai~ manga of ComicFesta official site.

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