My Hero Academia Episode 108 – League Of Villains Need To Buckle Up!

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In My Hero Academia episode 108, we are taken back to the past to find out how did he get here. We know currently that Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing experimental procedures. We see Kurogiri telling him that he is going to retrieve a power All For One left for Tomura. This is the reason Kurogiri made contact with Gigantomachia and ended up getting captured. It looks like League of Villains have to face off with Gigantomachia.

My Hero Acadmia Episode 108

Gigantomachia is causing havoc and is pissed about Tomura being weaker. He keeps calling out for his master – All For One. There is a radio side by through which the doctor’s voice comes through and the doctor lets the villains know Gigantomachia is special. He can handle multiple quirks without breaking down and his fighting stamina is excellent. The doctor tells them that Gigantomachia is All For One’s bodyguard but he hid him after he took Tomura in. All For One is a calculating person, he put measures in place to forward his agenda even in his absence.

Dabi notes Gigantomachia is not useful to them if he cannot control his destructive streak. The doctor commends him for his observation and tells him that Gigantomachia is too loyal to his master. And without his master, he is in a constant state of struggle. When Dabi fires an attack, Gigantomachia is unfazed, he barely even has a scratch. Luckily for the villains, a recorded voice of All For One plays that puts a stop to Gigantomachia’s movements.

My Hero Acadmia Episode 108

It is scary to think about the amount of blind loyalty this huge entity has towards All For One which will result in a bad case for the heroes when they face him. Tomura is irked by the giant’s nature and proclaims that he does not need him. At this, the doctor scoffs and brings them to talk with him through warping. Tomura is overly confident about a lot of things. In a way, he is a man-child and does not grasp the intricacies of a plan. But All For One wants him to be the leading face against the heroes so he shall be the one.

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The villains end up in a lab where they see a lot of test subjects that look similar to Nomus but still different. The doctor states that these are advanced versions of the previous ones and they are closer to the desired outcome he is aiming for. Well, this is an ominous statement because that means the new type of Nomus that will be launched in the coming times will be so different and harder to kill. They are a tough nut to crack and it will again become a challenge to handle them efficiently.

Surprisingly the doctor asks Tomura how is his father and others are doing. He follows that up by telling the villains that he aids All For One. All the operations and work are for him. But that does not mean Tomura gets the same benefit. The doctor wants Tomura to prove himself before he shells out his complete resources for his cause. Tomura states that he does not recall much about his life before he met All For One and the doctor. We see that he met All For One in an alleyway where he was sitting alone after getting roughed up.

His earliest memories are of All For One lending out a hand to him and making sure he is safe. All For One takes him to a room and asks to refer him as Master. And then the doctor brought hands of all the family members Tomura disintegrated. Seeing the several hands, images flash in his head of all the people who are dead because of him. It looks like he is shaken about the fact that he killed them. I cannot help but think how different would it have been for him if the right people found him. It reminds me of Midoriya and Mirio finding Eri and making sure she was safe. Eri is who she is in the present because of these two heroes who were relentlessly good with her. As for Tomura things took a darker turn.

My Hero Acadmia Episode 108

In the present Tomura states that whenever he puts these hands on himself, he gets a surge of rage inside him. No matter what he does the anger does not go away and he feels even if succeeds in eradicating the hero society he would still feel this way. He says the darkness inside him makes him want to destroy everything and never lets him feel satisfied. This is a terrifying feeling Tomura is dealing with. Also credits to All For One for nurturing these feelings inside him. Because Tomura’s anger is endless, he takes the risks and goes beyond his limit to acquire All For One’s dream.

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It makes me sad that Tomura is a product of All For One’s manipulation. I hope that when Midoriya fights with him, he can push Tomura to a different realization. We know Midoriya can communicate with past predecessors so I wonder if he will talk to All Might’s master before facing Tomura in the battle. I am curious how things will go at play when the time for the fight comes. But we need to wait patiently to get to that point.

Himiko Toga asks Tomura if his destroying desire will clean up all the things she loves too. He responds by saying there is space for his comrade’s wishes while fulfilling his own. It’s not hard to see that even with different wants and desires these villains part of the league are not one to drop each other. The solidarity is strong between them. The doctor lets them know he always meant to assist their plans of destruction but before that, they need to pass a test. The test is to defeat Gigantomachia.

Suddenly Dabi says he does not want to be part of this and will work on a different angle.
I assume this is when he gets in touch with Hawks to use him for their plans. I’m curious how Hawks became a part of all this and the role he plays in their strategy. The others end up near Gigantomachia, where they begin to attack him.

Gigantomachia is doing an easy job of crushing Tomura. Looks like Tomura’s crazy side helps him to even out the pain and strike back. The attack continues for a long time, it’s been over a month and yet Gigantomachia reminds undefeated. Spinner notes how he attacks continuously for 48 hours and then sleeps for 3 hours and that is the only break they get. Tomura is in a bad condition because he gets less time to recover before Gigantomachia pursues him again.

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The villains are taking a rest while Gigantomachia is in his sleep mode. Suddenly Twice gets a call from Giran but it is someone else speaking. The voice lets them know to check the news where the villains find that fingers have been found in all the places they have been to. The voice introduces himself as Re-Destro the leader of the Meta Liberation Army. Tomura comments about the books that have been selling out on this topic. Twice is anxious to learn about Giran’s whereabouts. Re-Destro calmly states that they have Giran in their custody. He talks about the objective of the Meta Liberation army which is to let people use the powers freely.

Tomura isn’t thrilled with the prospect of another group utilising their name. He tells Re-Destro that they may discuss on this when he finishes his present task. Re- Destro tells them they have Giran as a hostage and even though Giran was strong enough to not give away any information. They still were able to find it. Because the number of people working for them is too many to the count of over 110000 warriors spread out throughout the nation. This is a heavy number but Spinner scoffs at him pointing that he is bluffing.

My Hero Acadmia Episode 108

Shockingly enough he is not as he already has their location and threatens to give it away to the heroes. This gets Tomura’s attention and he enquires what could they possibly want with them.Re-Destro declares that he wants to crush the League of Villains and asks to meet them for a battle in an hour in Deika City. Remember when the Meta Liberation Army arc started we saw about the destruction of Deika City and also noticed Tomura laughing maniacally.

Well, we know how this battle between the villains will go. The League of Villains has no choice but to meet the demands of Re-Destro. Tomura is clever and he asks about Gigantomachia. We know Gigantomachia can track Tomura with a single-minded focus. If they lead him to the battle in Deika city, it will unexpectedly help them in dealing with their enemies. And after everything Gigantomachia will be weak enough for Tomura to defeat him. This plan seems brilliant almost too much of a perfect play.

Boku No Hero Acadmia Episode 108

I doubt things will go as perfectly as Tomura thinks but we already know the result of this battle so no matter what League of Villains will come on top. It will be exciting to see them fight where we can enjoy ourselves without worrying about anyone. Get ready for some villain-themed action!

You can watch My Hero Academia episode 108 on Crunchyroll

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