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Dr. Stone Stage Play Announced, PV, Cast and Visual Revealed

On Monday, the official website for Dr. Stone stage play revealed the PV, cast and visual. Click here to check out the characters.

Magi Stage Musical Reveals 7 New Cast Visuals

On Wednesday, the official website for Magi Stage Musical revealed additional 7 cast visuals including Judar, Cassim & Jamie.

Live Spectacle Naruto Stage Play Green-Lit For December

On Thursday, the official website of Live Spectacle Naruto stage plays announced that the series is getting a fourth play in December.

World Trigger Stage Play Reveals Visual, Dates And More Cast

The official website of World Trigger stage play revealed new visual teaser, additional cast (in costumes) and dates/venue of the play.

Banana Fish Stage Play Part 2 Reveals New Cast Members, Visual

On Wednesday, the official website for Banana Fish Stage Play revealed additional cast members and visual for the second part.

Sk8 the Infinity New Anime Project, 2-Part Stage Play Green-Lit

The "Sk8 Masquerade of Love" event revealed that the Sk8 the Infinity is inspiring a new anime project as well as a 2-part stage play.

Demon Slayer 2nd Stage Play Reveals Cast in Costume

On Monday, the official website for Demon Slayer 2nd Stage Play (Demon Slayer the 2nd: Bonds) revealed photos of the cast in costume.

Tokyo Revengers Stage Play Green-Lit for August 2021

Tokyo Revengers Stage Play has been green-lit for August 2021. The announcement came from a newly opened website on Tuesday.

Mob Psycho 100 Announced New Stage Play in August

Marvelous, a stage production company, revealed on Wednesday that it would produce a new stage play adaptation of ONE's Mob Psycho 100 manga.

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