Move To Heaven K-Drama Review – All You Need Is A Good Cry!

Starring Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang, and Hong Seung Hee Move To Heaven K-Drama takes us on a 10-episode emotional healing journey.

Mr. Queen K-Drama Review – Takes you on a Hilarious Medieval Journey!

Mr. Queen K-drama takes us along the journey of betrayals, secrets, assassinations with a healthy dose of humor mixed with it.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 20 (Finale) – Immensely satisfying ending!

Mouse K-Drama Episode 20 did not fail to amaze me. It left us feeling both sad and happy. Most importantly it gave us a perfect ending.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 – Get Ready To Have Your Minds Blown!

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 was simply mind-blowing! I am super stoked about the way this episode went. It made me feel so glad that I pic..

Mouse K-Drama Episode 18 – Thrilling From Start to End!

Mouse K-Drama episode 18 gives us the answers we have been looking for! The drama started with the focus on a psychopath serial killer.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 17 – Who are the true villains?

Mouse K-Drama Episode 17 was unbelievable. It changed our whole perception of Jae Hoon and Sung Yo Han and revealed a frightening truth.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 16 – Ends on a Shocking Cliffhanger!

Mouse K-Drama Episode 16 will make your head spin. Did you think knowing Officer Jung is the killer was the biggest shock? NO! Read more..

Mouse: The Predator – The Spin-Off shaking you to the core!

Mouse: The Predator is a two episode spin-off to spend time inside Officer Jung head which is much needed after the terrifying reveal.

Mouse: The Predator 2 – The Transformation

Mouse: The Predator 2 focuses on the transformation of Jae Hoon to Jung Ba Reum. Mouse: The Predator Part 1 and Part 2 are spin-off episodes.

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