Mouse K-Drama Episode 14 : Heartstopper Ending, Things Get Very Real!

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Mouse K-Drama Episode 14 finally brings us what we have been waiting for all this time, the Seven Sins Killer. I almost feel bad that my speculations were true. But we get to experience an intense ride and feel questionable emotions towards a Killer.

The episode starts with showing us the deserted neighborhood where Office Jung was chasing Sung Yo Han. It takes us to the spot where Sung Yo Han confronted Officer Jung in the end. It’s like the writer is telling us it is time for us to know the truth. This drama surprises us at many ends. We certainly did not expect Detective Ko to find Choi Hong Joo when he went in search of the culprit. It looks like Choi Hong Joo most likely is in cahoots with Daniel. She helped in leading Officer Jung to another predator.

Detective Ko is always one step behind when it comes to catching the killer. His statement about the Vigilante culprit being only a Psychopath and a Killer seem to affect Officer Jung. We see it troubling Officer Jung’s conscience and he starts struggling with his Killer side.

Detective Shin gets his screen time and honestly, he is such a sweetheart. Part of me always thought his character has to be one of the psycho kids or maybe a hidden psycho who hasn’t been revealed yet. This suspicion has mostly to do with how his father was the deciding vote on not passing the bill for abortion to take place if psychopathic DNA was found. So It could have been ironic in a way for his kid to be the bad one. Well, this episode helps us clear those thoughts away by showing us his caring nature towards his fiancé. But with the way the reveals hit us trusting any character in Mouse K-Drama is a moot point.

Thanks to Detective Ko’s advice Officer Jung accepts that Bong Yi could be the factor, the change that can help him cling to his goodness and conscience. You are pulled into feeling good about Officer Jung and a hopeful feeling arises in you. There’s a brief scene from the past which Daniel thinks about regretfully. It’s about the time where he left the Head Hunter’s wife in his office and went out to deliver reports to certain someone. Is this where everything started? But what exactly did happen as a result of this one scene? Well, we are soon about to find out.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 14

Officer Jung refuses to be Daniel’s Killer machine. But he stumbles around a case which leads him to two predators. This case is about how cats are killed which is eerily similar to the case Officer Jung dealt with as a part of Patrol duty in the past. The writer keeps dropping these breadcrumbs to make you feel anxious about what will happen. We also see how the Aunt fakes about having a husband. And acts as if she is going to the US most likely wanting to cut ties with Officer Jung.

I like how we are led to discover something that is very close to the truth but not exactly the truth. When Officer Jung makes one of the predators suffer for his crimes, it feels good. All thanks to our Vigilante Officer Jung, justice has been achieved. Furthermore, when he ends up not killing the second predator but helps in putting him behind the bars. You feel glad about it.

We see how positive Officer Jung feels about being able to control his killer instincts. The heartfelt scene between Officer Jung and Bong Yi lulls you into false security. It makes you optimistic about a happy ending and not care about anything else. We also get a sweet brotherly scene between Detective Ko and Officer Jung. It only increases the good feeling inside you about everything.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 14

The pacing of this episode is fantastic. One second there’s a foreshadowing of something bad happening. And in the next second, you feel emotionally invested in Officer Jung. The writer makes you question your sanity when it comes to what it comes to the feelings you have towards Officer Jung.

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Mouse K-Drama

You knew it. I knew it. We all knew it. Still, Your heart rate picks up because of the impressive way the reveal happens. Regardless of suspecting it beforehand you feel the shock effect. The distress is real when Officer Jung finds out that he is the killer. To be so inside your mind that you could not even remember a whole sinister side of you must be very terrifying. The fact that he is somewhat a better person, not a Serial Killer now only because of Sung Yo Han’s brain inside him is a hard pill to swallow.

The episode not only gives us an epic reveal of the real killer, but it also leaves us hanging with a cliffhanger. Chi Kook the sole survivor of the seven sins murders is awake and we all know what it could mean.

It will be too easy if Chi Kook recognizes Officer Jung as the killer. With the way the careful bond is formed between Officer Jung and Detective Ko, it only feels right for Detective Ko to find out the truth in a much more dramatic way. Also, this brings us to the fact that Officer Jung is indeed the Head Hunter’s son and a lot still needs to be revealed.

Lee Seung Gi’s performance is phenomenal and even though my heart feels bitter about what will happen to his character, I am beyond excited to see him act as the Seven Sins Killer. Are you having conflicting emotions when it comes to Officer Jung? Well, I am right there with you. Lee Seung Gi has bewitched us with the convincing way he played the different personalities Officer Jung showcases. Things are going to get real ugly and it will be a bumpy ride. But we are here for it!

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