Aoashi Brotherfoot Manga Spinoff of Aoashi Soccer Manga Green-Lit

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On Monday, Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine revealed that Yūgo Kobayashi is working on a spinoff of the Aoashi soccer manga named Aoashi Brotherfoot, which will debut in the magazine’s next issue on July 12.

Aoashi Brotherfoot Manga

Aoashi Brotherfoot manga will revolve around Ashito’s older brother Shun and the reason he abandoned soccer. Kobayashi also announced on his blog that the manga would have five chapters and will be collected in a single book volume and the first chapter will consist of 63 pages.

Synopsis of Aoashi

Ashito Aoi, a third-year middle school student from Ehime prefecture, is the protagonist of the manga. Ashito has a remarkable soccer skill that he attempts to conceal. Because of his honest attitude, he causes a disaster that proves to be a major setback for him. Then Tatsuya Fukuya appears in front of Ashito, a veteran of the strong J-Club team Tokyo City Esperion and coach of the club’s youth team. Tatsuya sees through Ashito and recognises his ability, inviting him to try out for the Tokyo youth team.


Yūgo Kobayashi is the author and illustrator of Aoashi. Since January 5, 2015, it has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits. Twenty-one volumes had been published as of February 23, 2021. Shogakukan Asia has the South-East Asian rights to the series. The manga had sold over 4.5 million copies, including digital editions, as of April 2020.

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In 2017, the manga was nominated for the 10th Manga Taishō awards and finished fourth. Aoashi, along with Kaguya-sama: Love is War, received the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award in the General category in 2020.

Aoashi Brotherfoot Manga


An anime adaption of Aoashi manga was announced on May 28, 2021. No further news of the anime series has been revealed yet. Stay tuned!

Yūgo Kobayashi’s blog and Weekly Big Comic Spirits’ Twitter account
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