Kentarou Miura, Berserk Manga Creator, Passes Away at 54

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Kentarou Miura, the author of the Berserk manga, passed away on May 6 at 2:48 p.m. due to acute aortic dissection. The news was revealed today by the editorial staff of Young Animal Comics from the official Berserk Twitter account.

He was 54 years old. His family arranged a private memorial service.

Kentarou Miura

“[Report of the death of Professor Kentarou Miura] Dr. Kentarou Miura, the author of “Berserk”, passed away on May 6, 2021 due to acute aortic dissection. We would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude to Dr. Miura’s painting work and pray for his soul. May 20, 2021 Hakusensha Co., Ltd. Young Animal Editorial Department,”.

Miura was born on July 11, 1966, in Chiba Prefecture. In 1985, he made his professional manga debut in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine with the “Futatabi” (Once More).

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In 1988, Miura published a one-shot version of the Berserk manga in Hakusensha’s Monthly Comicomi magazine. He debuted the Berserk manga series in 1989 in Hakusensha’s Monthly Animal House magazine, and the series has since continued in Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine. It has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. The manga’s eighth volume was slated for release this July.

He was an award-winning manga artist, and although Berserk was his most well-known and prolific career, he collaborated on a variety of other manga projects over the years.

In 1989, Kentarou Miura collaborated on the King of Wolves (Oh-Roh) manga with renowned Fist of the North Star artist Buronson. Berserk manga was serialised in the same year.

In 1992, Miura and Buronson collaborated again for the Japan manga project.

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In 2013, Miura debuted the Giganto Maxia mini-series in Young Animal.

Recently, he designed and published the Duranki manga with his Studio Gaga, which appeared in the September 2019 edition of Hakusensha’s Young Animal Zero magazine.

Young Animal’s Berserk official Twitter account.
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