Love Live Superstar Anime’s PV Reveals Liella! Idol Group Members

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Love Live! franchise’s official YouTube channel streamed the first PV for Love Live Superstar (Love Live! Superstar!!), the franchise’s new television anime. The video shows the members of the Liella! idol group. The anime will premiere on July 11 in Japan.

The new idol group “Liella,” will star in the anime. They debuted their first single “Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora” (The Start Is Your Sky) on February 28. Check out the synopsis, staff and cast:

Love Live Superstar Synopsis

Yuigaoka Girls High School is a new school located in Tokyo’s Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama neighbourhoods. The plot revolves around the school’s first class of students. It is a school full of unknowns, with no history, no upperclassmen or alumni, and no reputation.
Kanon Shibuya, one of five girls, has a fateful encounter with school idols.

“I love singing,” Kanon decides. “I want to use music to make a dream come true!” Many emotions are converged on a star that has only recently begun to grow. For these girls, the future is blank and full of possibilities, and their story, which everyone will help to make a reality, has only just begun. Fly with your wings, our Love Is Alive!


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Sayuri Date as Kanon Shibuya

Kanon Shibuya

Liyuu as Tang Keke

Tang Keke

Nako Misaki as Chisato Arashi

Chisato Arashi

Naomi Payton as Sumire Heanna

Love Live! Superstar!! Sumire Heanna
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Nagisa Aoyama as Ren Hazuki

Love Live! Superstar!! Ren Hazuki


Original WorkHajime Yatate
Original ConceptSakurako Kimino
DirectorTakahiko Kyōgoku
WriterJukki Hanada
Character DesignAtsushi Saito
Character Design DraftYūhei Murota
MusicYoshiaki Fujisawa

About Love Live!

Love Live! School Idol Project Series is a anime project created by Hajime Yatate and Sakurako Kimino and co-produced by ASCII Media Works (Kadokawa), Music label Lantis (Bandai Namco Arts) and animation studio Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop, Gintama, Code Geass). Each title in the franchise revolves around teenage girls who become “school idols”. The show is a “ultimate user-participation project,” allowing viewers to vote on the fate of the fictional idols. The franchise include multiple anime series, movies, manga, light novel and game.

  1. Love Live! School Idol Project (2010)
  2. Love Live! School Idol Festival (2013)
  3. Love Live! Sunshine!! (2015)
  4. Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club (2017)
  5. Love Live! Superstar!! (Announced 2020, Debut July 11, 2021)
  6. Love Live! The School Idol Movie (2015)
  7. Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow (2019)
  8. Love Live! School Idol Festival (Android, iOS | 2013)

Love Live Superstar Anime’s official website
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