Love of Kill Anime To Premiere in 2022, Staff and Visuals Revealed

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Love of Kill anime website announced on Friday that the series would premiere in 2022. The website also revealed the character designs, visuals and staff. The anime was announced on December 2020.

Love of Kill Anime


DirectorHideaki Oba
StudioPlatinum Vision
ScriptsAyumu Hisao
CharactersYouko Satou

Character Visuals

Love of Kill Chateau Dankworth
Chateau Dankworth
Love of Kill Ryang-Ha Song
Ryang-Ha Song


Love of Kill is a manga series written and illustrated by Fe. In October 2012, Fe first released the story on Pixiv website under the title “I Wanted to Read a Manga About an Assassin Couple in Love so I Started Drawing One” and it received over 5+ million views. Fe released a sequel shortly which was titled “A Short Story About the Assassin Couple in Love Manga that I Just Wanted to Read About

Eventually, the manga was picked up by Media factory and it was serialized in the publication’s Monthly Comic Gene since October 2015. As of December 25, 2020, the manga has been compiled into 10 tankōbon volumes. The 11th volume will release on July 27, 2021. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press.


The official website describes the show as

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Two assassins face off at a certain “workplace.” The cool bounty hunter Chateau and the mysterious and powerful Ryang-Ha. Chateau and Ryang-Ha become enemies after this fight—at least, they should have, but for some reason Ryang-Ha takes a liking to Chateau and begins following her around.
Little by little, Chateau develops a cooperative partnership with Ryang-Ha, which gets her caught up in the struggle against the organizations hunting him down. Furthermore, that battle is related to her past as well.
Why did Ryang-Ha approach Chateau? What is Chateau’s secret past? Two mismatched assassins weave together a twisted “Assassin X Assassin” thriller. The strange gears of fate begin

Director Hideaki Oba comments

“Right now, this is a project with no monologues and not a lot of dialogue in general. That makes it tough to execute as an anime, but at the same time, it’s one of this story’s charms. We’re hard at work trying to create an engrossing noir world using anime’s arsenal of techniques, from movement, voice acting, music, to sound effects.”

Love of Kill anime website
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