Mieruko-chan Anime Revels PV, More Staff, Cast, OP And Oct Debut

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On Friday, Kadokawa unveiled the first full-length promotional video and the second teaser picture for Mieruko-chan horror comedy television anime.

The video also revealed the anime’s opening theme, cast, additional staff, and October debut date. Mieruko-chan anime will air on Tokyo MX, BS NTV, AT-X, and other channels.

1st Official Full-Length PV

Sora Amamiya who plays Miko Yotsuya sings the opening theme song “Mienai Kara ne!?” (Since You Can’t See Them, Right!?).

Mieruko-chan AnimeMieruko-chan Anime
Swipe to see Ghost On/Off


Mieruko-chan Anime

From left to right
Sora Amamiya as Miko Yotsuya
Kaede Hondo as Hana Yurikawa (Miko’s BFF)
Ayane Sakura as Yulia Nikaidō (Classmate)

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Additional Staff

On March 18, the 1st teaser trailer and few cast members were revealed. Check out the additional cast members which were announced today.

Sound ProductionMagic Capsule
Sound DirectorFumiyuki Go
Director of PhotographyHyo Mok Yang
Art DirectorAyano Okamoto
Color Key ArtistRitsuko Utagawa
Chief Animation DirectorsMasahide Yanagisawa
Hideki Hashimoto
Katsuzo Hirata
Kyoko Kametani
Yuka Takashina
Prop DesignYukinori Umetsu
Sub-Character DesignsKyoko Kametani
Futoshi Chikkyo
Monster DesignsMakoto Uno
Yasuhiro Moriki
Futoshi Chikkyo
Katsuzo Hirata
Hiroya Iijima
Hiroyasu Oda
Costume DesignYuka Takashina
EditorAyako Tan
Art DesignMidori Iwasawa
Shin Watanabe
Concept CompositeJunpei Takatsu
Music ProductionKadokawa
Sound EffectsMaki Takuma


Yen Press has licensed the manga in English for North America, and it describes the story:
One day, Miko suddenly started seeing grotesque beings that others couldn’t. Her response was not to run, not to face them, but to do everything she can to completely ignore them! Can she keep a straight face and continue her day-to-day life while surrounded by horrifying monsters?

Comments from cast

Ayane Sakura

I had enjoyed reading the original for a long time and thought “I want to do this work!”, So I was very happy when it was decided! I didn’t think that the teaser PV, in which my voice came out at the beginning, would say, “It’s not like Miko’s voice, but a horror-like feeling!” I’m really looking forward to having you enjoy it!

Kaede Hondo

This is Kaede Hondo, who plays the role of Hana Yurikawa! I read the original and became a fan! I love the balance between horror and gag so much, and it makes me feel scared but laugh. I would like to express Hana, who is natural and full of vitality at her own pace, and Hana, who is happy to interact with Mikoto. Thank you!

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Ayane Sakura

I read the original for the first time during the audition, but I couldn’t stop reading Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, and said, “It might be a disqualification for manga lovers to have missed such a good work …” I felt that. I am very surprised and very happy to be able to shoot Yuria, who seems to be highly competitive. I would like to do my best by making the best use of my life experience.

Mieruko-chan anime’s official website
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