Muse Asia Adds The Aquatope of White Sand to Summer 2021 Stream List

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On Friday, Muse Asia began streaming original anime series The Aquatope of White Sand (Shiroi Suna no Aquatope) on its YouTube Channel. The anime began streaming on YouTube on 9th July 2021 and it will air every week on Fridays at 00:30 (GMT+8). The anime premiered on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, MBS, and Ryukyu Broadcasting in Japan on July 8.

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The Aquatope on White Sand

MUSE Communication is a Singapore-based company that simulcasts anime on their Muse Asia YouTube Channel legally and free of charge. Aquatope of White Sand anime will air in the following regions: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan


Muse describes The Aquatope of White Sand as:
Kukuru Misakino, an 18 year-old girl working in an aquarium, meets Fuuka Miyazaki, a former idol from Tokyo who has lost everything and runs away from home. With each of them a problem to deal with, they spend the days together in the aquarium.But that very aquarium is approaching its demise soon.Their dreams and reality, loneliness and friends, bonds and discords; their new page of hope begins this summer.


DirectorToshiya Shinohara
StudioP.A. Works
Series CompositionYuuko Kakihara
Chracters / Animation DirectorYuki Akiyama
MusicYoshiaki Dewa
Special EffectsMasahiro Murakami
3D DirectorHaruki Suzuki
Director of PhotographyTomo Namiki
Art SupervisorJunichi Higashi
Art DirectorKurumi Suzuki
Art SettingYoshinori Shiozawa
Color DesignNaomi Nakano
EditingAyumu Takahashi
Sound DirectorYō Yamada


Kukuru MisakinoMiku Itō
Fūka MiyazawaRikako Aida
Tsukimi TeruyaAzumi Waki
Karin KudakaLynn
Kai NakamuraShimba Tsuchiya
Kūya YakamashiYōhei Azakami
Kukuru’s grandfatherHiroshi Yanaka
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