Overlord TV Anime 4th Season and New Film Project Green-Lit

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The Overlord television anime series has announced a fourth TV anime season as well as a brand-new anime film project based on the Sei koku-hen (Holy Kingdom Arc). The announcement came from Saturday’s streaming marathon of the anime.

Overlord Season 4


DirectorNaoyuki Itou
ScriptYukie Sugawara
Original Charactersso-bin
TV CharactersSatoshi Tasaki


AinsSatoshi Hino
AlbedoYumi Hara
ShalltearSumire Uesaka
AuraEmiri Katō
MareYumi Uchiyama
DemiurgeMasayuki Katou
CocytusKenta Miyake

To commemorate the news, original novel illustrator so-bin created the following illustration featuring Ains and Albedo –

Overlord Season 4 Illustration

The plot of the franchise takes place in the year 2138, when augmented reality gaming is booming. One day, Yggdrasil, a popular online game, is shut down. Momonga, the protagonist, chooses not to log out. The universe is changing, and non-player characters (NPCs) are starting to experience emotions. With no parents, mates, or place in society, this ordinary young man Momonga sets out to conquer the game’s new universe.

In July 2015, the first 13-episode Overlord television anime series debuted in Japan. Funimation streamed the anime series as it aired in Japan. The second anime series aired from January to April of 2018. The second series was streamed live on Crunchyroll, and an English dub was available on Funimation. In July 2018, the third anime series debuted. Crunchyroll aired the anime live, and Funimation streamed an English dub.

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In 2010, Kugane Maruyama launched the original Overlord light novel series online, and in 2012, Kadokawa’s Enterbrain imprint published the series in print with illustrations by so-bin.

Overlord streaming marathon
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