takt op Destiny Anime’s PV, Cast, Staff, October 5 Premiere Revealed

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During MAPPA’s 10th anniversary livestream on Sunday the studio revealed the anime promotional video in Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA’s takt op. (pronounced “takt opus”) project. The anime is titled “takt op Destiny” (takt:op. Destiny) and it will premiere on October 5. A key visual image was also released to commemorate the announcement.

MAPPA and MADHOUSE will work together to animate the series.

takt:op. Destiny

takt op Destiny Synopsis

Music is the light that illuminates people’s hearts, and when a Black Night Iron Meteorite falls from the sky, that “light” is suddenly robbed from the world. The meteorite gives birth to D2, a monster. The monster begins to take over the world. D2 prohibits music from being played anywhere in the world, knowing the fact that it is the only thing that can kill the him.

However, those who oppose the monster appear. Musicart is a group of girls who have the power of music. They have the greatest opera and musical score (score) that has survived in human history, and they used it to defeat D2. The Conductor is in charge of these girls and guides them.

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The anime is set in America in the year 2047, after it has been devastated by the D2. Takt, a Conductor, is partnered with Unmei, a Musicart. Takt wishes for the return of music to the world, while Unmei wishes to destroy the D2. 


DirectorYuuki Itoh
StudioMAPPA and Madhouse
Series CompositionKiyoko Yoshimura
AnimationReiko Nagasawa
Original WorkDeNA and Ouji Hiroi
MusicYoshihiro Ike


Kouki Uchiyama will play the character Takt Asahina. Only one cast member has been announced.


Apart from the anime, the project also includes a game. The original characters for the game will be designed by LAM. Musician Marasy will be the “key pianist”. Hirofumi Kurita, Orchestral conductor, is credited as a musical research advisor.

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