My Hero Academia 103 – Time for a Game Plan!

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My Hero Academia 103 starts with Hawks visiting a mansion. He faces a group of people in a room consisting of League of Villains members – Dabi, Toga, Twice, Spinner, and other new characters hidden in shadows. Hawks explains to them that he is spreading the ideology of the Meta Liberation war. One of the men praises him for his work and understanding the words of Destro. Hawks continues to tell them the Commission is connecting the League to the recent Deika city attack and work studies are taking place. Toga gets excited about seeing Midoriya while Dabi notes how the kids have not grown much. Hawks agreed with the statement he responds with how they are only students.

My Hero Academia 103

As Hawks is dismissed he leaves a feather in the doorway to hear their conversation. Spinner talks about how this will boost the morale of their troops and Toga comments how in about four months Tomura will destroy everything. Hawks tries to look around in the mansion but his attempt is hindered by the extra security present. He wonders if they can launch a surprise attack on the mansion but concludes that it will be foolish. As they are unaware of the heroes working with Villains this puts them at a disadvantage. Hawks realizes they need to be sure of all the locations and the numbers before launching an attack.

We see Endeavor decoding the message. In My Hero Academia 102 we know it said the attack will be in four months and their numbers are huge. Now we see what else was in the encoded message. It talks about how Hawks will send a signal and if they fail then more manpower is required. Endeavor recalls a conversation he had with the Public Safety Commission President where she urged him to train the students properly. He figures out that the Commission and Hawks are working together in secret so they can confront the enemy and take needed measures.


Hawks recalls Dabi’s words about how the kids have not grown up much and feels glad that he downplayed their skills. It works out that Hawks helped Endeavor in the last episode before the kids could get in action. This ensures that when the time comes the villains are in for a rude awakening. At first, he was not sure about the future heroes. But after meeting Tokoyami he believes that they are the key to winning a losing war. He knows they will be ready when the time comes. If the current heroes fail, they will help in gaining victory. As he thinks this we see all the Hero Class students and you feel a sense of anticipation coursing through you. These students are working hard for the future and it will be a treat to see them in action.

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Endeavor asks Midoriya and Bakugo to explain what they can do and what they want to improve. Midoriya talks about his black whip quirk how he can only produce a little with a concentrated effort. He further tells him about his other move Air Force which is a long-distance attack. He gets into a long rambling explanation which confuses the others. But Endeavor understands that Midoriya wants to be able to switch between these two attacks. He recalls how during Sports Festival he compared Midoriya’s quirk to All Might. Now knowing the struggles Midoriya is going through it makes him realize how it must have been hard for All Might too.

Bakugo tells Endeavor that he wants to find what he cannot do. This seems very fitting to his character. It is not his arrogance that is stating this more like his realization that only being strong will not do him any favors in the long run. Endeavor concludes the talk and gets ready to move on but Todoroki stops him. Endeavor says how he already knows Todoroki is here for the Flashfire. But Todoroki starts talking about the training Endeavor put him through as a child which made him despise his fireside. He tells him how going to U.A. meeting his classmates changed his feelings towards it but ironically the result is what Endeavor wanted. That is to learn the Flashfire.

Still, Todoroki reminds him that his inspiration is All Might and he asks Endeavor to treat him as one of the trainees and not his son. This makes Endeavor think back to the time when Todoroki stated that Endeavor is an amazing hero. But as a father, he cannot forgive him. Endeavor accepts Todoroki’s sentiments and takes the students to train. Endeavor tells them “Rescue, Evacuation, Fighting” are the three principles Hero Agencies follow. While most agencies focus on one or the other principle, his agency manages to take all of the three into consideration. He explains to them that he knows his jurisdiction well enough to act immediately when an incident occurs and he also uses fire to keep the civilians away. He terms this action as ‘Parallel Processing’. The students have to catch a villain faster than Endeavor during this work-study to prove themselves.

Todoroki, Deku and Bakugo

Endeavor receives a notification about a hit and runner which propels him to go forward. The students follow his lead, Midoriya thinks about the past. He remembers how even at a disadvantage he pushed himself into learning all he could. His determination and perseverance helped him get through the tough times. Now he is resolved to master the new quirks. Endeavor manages to stop the hit and runner on the motorcycle swiftly. The students arrive and see the sidekicks arresting the villain. Todoroki recognizes Endeavor’s move to propel forward using fire below the feet is similar to Bakugo’s move. Endeavor explains to them how looking at the roads he was able to discern which way the villain will take quickly.

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Suddenly Endeavor blasts off and the students follow him. Todoroki uses his fire to propel him while Midoriya wonders about the sidekicks left behind. Endeavor says that a hero should be able to do everything on his own. He praises Bakugo for his abilities but notes how he is still far behind him. When Bakugo gives him a reason for it, Endeavor reprimands him. Endeavor reminds them how being fast is not about the grades anymore, in real-life situations, it is life or death. And he smoothly manages to stop a truck from hitting a woman. This scene brings things into perspective that their ability to follow through could cost somebody their life.


Endeavor gives both Todoroki and Bakugo the same assignment. He asks them to learn how to store and condense their powers so they can be used at the maximum output when needed without thinking. He tells Todoroki to learn how to shape things using his fire. While they are taking a break, Endeavor asks if Midoriya can control his maximum power without thinking to which he says yes. But the same cannot be said about the Air Force. To this Endeavor says first he needs to focus on controlling Air Force without thinking and then he can move on to the other abilities. Endeavor explains that everyone uses parallel processing subconsciously. He uses the example of driving a car and how when you learn the steps one by one and eventually you do them without putting much thought behind it.

So first, one ability needs to be honed before you move on to another. He tells the students that they need to use whatever they learned at school and practically implement it in this work-study. Also, they do not have to worry about failing and just practice. As their actions will not affect Endeavor’s work. This makes Midoriya’s resolve stronger and he gets ready to learn things one at a time.

My Hero Academia 103

It will be amazing to see the students work through their powers and come with the ultimate moves. There is also a possibility that the Villains knowingly fed the information about the attack in four months. So the timeline for the students to develop more can vary. But as seen in the Combat Battle Training, each student has a tenacious personality. They will make things happen and the end result will be no doubt astounding. My Hero Academia 104 will take us through a work-study of Asui and Uraraka which will be exciting!

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