My Hero Academia 92 – Is Hitoshi Shinso An Asset?

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My Hero Academia 92, season 5 episode 4, focuses on Hitoshi Shinso, making sure his skills are brought to light. And we get to see how he complements his team in the battle.

EP 4/92 – Urge to become a hero is strong!

The first combat battle between Class A with Shinso and Class B happens in this episode. The episode starts with a flashback scene of Shinso explaining his quirk to his teammates. The only way he can brainwash someone is when he thinks about it and the opponent speaks right after it. But the catch is he can’t make the person talk by persuading the opponent as that does not work. It looks like Shinso has a voice changer to overcome this. So even if he is the one speaking, the voice comes out with a different tone helping him in fooling the opponents.

My Hero Academia 92 Hitoshi Shinso

This special development helps Shinso in halting Shishida’s movements but then he gets caught by Tsuburaba. Tsuburaba puts Shinso in Air Prison making him unable to move and then shocks Shishida out of the brainwashing technique. Suddenly tables are reversed and Class B puts a dent into Class A’s plan of action. But fear not we have Kaminari charging ahead and lightening up the beast Shishida. The shock throws off Tsuburaba and Asui manages to capture him with her tongue.

Meanwhile, Shishida seems to be too powerful and is able the withstand Kaminari’s Chargebolt. Just as you start to worry about the fate of Class A, Deku reminds us of Kirishima whose strength can be rivaled with Shishida. Kirishima hardens his body, upping his quirk power. And proceeds to destroy the Air wall inside which Koda is trapped. Then they both get ready to go against Shishida only to be shocked by a surprise trick. Shishida sends Kirishima to Shiozaki knowing that Kirishima is strong enough to endanger him. This way he puts Kirishima out of commission.

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Now the score is 1-1! Both teams have captured one member from the opposite teams and have an even chance of winning the battle. But not for long as Shishida is a strong player with terrific strength and a good sense of smell. He is aware of Class A’s sneak attack and avoids it by falling back and taking Koda as a capture. This puts Class A in a perilous and Class B in a favorable position.

A battle is not won by an individual’s strengths alone but it takes group effort. Even though Shinso feels disheartened by how things have turned out, Asui assures him not all is lost. An individual’s shortcoming can be overcome by a carefully laid out plan which allows room to support each other while giving them a chance to utilize their quirk’s strength to the fullest. To overcome Shishida’s acute sense of smell Asui uses toxic mucus secreted by her to confuse the opponent.

With this applied to Kaminari and Shinso, Shishida will not be able to differentiate between the three. Her presence of mind comes into play when she also points out about the pointer left on Shishida’s back by Kaminari. This makes you see how experienced and aware Asui is at the battlefield all thanks to her past adventures.

My Hero Academia 92 Tsuyu Asui

With this, we see a smart plan in motion by Class A to ensure their win. Shiozaki’s Vines capture Kaminari and hold him off from doing any further attacks. A surprise twist comes up as we get to know Kaminari is a bait to divert Class B’s attention so Shinso can work his magic. It’s beautifully done as one second you are honestly worried that their plan failed but in the next, a series of events take you by surprise. Shinso using Rin’s voice manages to fool Shiozaki into brainwashing her. This leads to Asui capturing her.

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Seeing how the voice of their teammates cannot be trusted, Class B loses its communication leading the team members to only rely on themselves while Class A is giving a group effort. While Shishida goes ahead on his own to take down Shinso, Asui lands a cracking blow onto Rin. Facing off Shishida when it looks like there’s nothing he can do in a close combat range, Shinso yet again surprises us. He uses Eraser Head’s tapes to try and knock down Shishida. Shishida is surprised but says the move is not enough to win against a villain as he gets ready to attack. Just in time Asui comes from behind and launches Rin onto the beast knocking them out.


My Hero Academia 92 is a great example in showcasing how having the whole group’s effort manages to tip the scales in their favor. Shinso’s skills shine with the help of the careful planning done by Asui and Kaminari. Just have each other’s back and trust to make it through the end. The episode ends with Class A winning and everyone recognizing Shinso as a Hero. Shinso does not feel like he’s there yet but his progress is highly commendable. The urge to fulfill his dreams has pushed him to the stage he is now and it looks like his thirst to be better will only sharpen his worth as a hero.

We see Deku feeling excited about the fact that Shinso has come so far. It makes us viewers anticipate the last battle of the training where they both will face each other. No doubt, It’s going to be powerful.

My Hero Academia 92 Tsuyu Asui

For the next episode, we see few clips of the next battle which looks intriguing enough. The best thing about these mock battles is without worrying about the outcomes you can enjoy them to the fullest. And you also get a deeper insight into the quirks of each character also see some interesting actions play out. It’s the best thing ever!

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