My Hero Academia 93 – Always Have A Plan B!

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My Hero Academia 93 starts with Aizawa asking Team 1 from Class A about what they learned in the Combat battle. It’s important to reflect on the actions during the training. So they can overcome the mistakes made when they will be fighting for real. Looks like each of them has something to work on for the next time and Aizawa gives them pointers for it.

Aoyama points out that Kirishima and Asui are in a serious reflection mode even after winning the match. The episode reminds us of the Shie Hassaikai arc in Season 4 where they both had a dreadful experience fighting to survive. Encounters like this make the characters grow and shape their motivations to win at any cost against their opponents. There’s a sense of relief for us seeing the characters give their all in combat battles. A storm is brewing and we want them to survive it when the time comes.

Shinso has made an effective impression on everyone. Midnight seems impressed with Shinso for being aware of his shortcomings and not be depressed about them. She likes that he is rather putting his effort into getting better for his next match. This personality will help Shinso in improving himself for the better. And it will be exciting to see him in action to the full extent. Best part? He has All Might’s stamp of approval.

My Hero Academia 93 All Might

While Class A has individual things to work on, Team 1 from Class B needs to focus more on teamwork. After seeing the match other teams are excited. They try their best to come up with good plans to defeat their opponents. Everyone’s eager about testing their abilities and working with their newly developed moves. All Might’s thoughts put us in the right perspective for watching these combat battles. So far many things have happened that have pushed the students to great extents. Here with this battle, it’s an even playing field for the students to judge their skillset and see how much they have improved.

My Hero Academia 93 Team

Moving on to the exciting part of My Hero Academia 93, Round two between the second set of teams. Class A has Yaoyorozu who is known to have a good plan of action that guarantees a win. Class B has Kendo who according to her classmates is the smartest and can take care of any problematic situation she faces. When the battle starts Class A gets right into it with the help of Tokoyami’s Dark shadow. When Tokoyami’s Dark shadow locates Class B, they get ready to launch an attack. But surprisingly Class B waits it out. It looks like they have a trump card in the form of Kuroiro.

My Hero Academia 93 Tokoyami

Kuroiro’s quirk is called Dark which allows him to possess dark things and control them. The only limit is it is restricted to work on dark things that are already moving. This makes it perfect to engage with Tokoyami’s Dark shadow. We see him striking back the Class A using the Dark Shadow. This throws a wrench in the plans of Class A. When Yaoyorozu tries to catch Kuroiro, it looks like not only he can move the darkness but melt in the shadows. Kuroiro goads Tokoyami into fighting with him. Tokoyami declares them as rivals and tells him about his special move Dark Fallen Angel.

This is one hell of interesting development. We have Hawks to thank for it. When Tokoyami worked under Hawks for his internship and work studies he was able to push himself beyond his limits and make Hawks notice him. Hawks told him that there’s a huge potential in him that he is wasting away. All because of Tokoyami restricting himself to the ground. This statement gives birth to the new technique called Dark Fallen Angel.

My Hero Academia 93 Hawks

The ones who can fly should fly.

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Just when we are about to see Tokoyami in action, Kuroiro disappears into the pipes. Not only did he confront Tokoyami’s dark shadow, but he also put another plan in motion right from the start. Emotions are important when you need the motivation the spirit to not give up, but at times they can be detrimental too. Case in point, it looks like Kuroiro openly challenged Tokoyami just so that everyone’s focus is on them. When everyone is too caught up with Kuroiro’s open challenge against Tokoyami, he sneakily captures Aoyama. Manipulating feelings, making yourself appear emotional while keeping a level head is a good move on the part of Class B’s plan.

My Hero Academia 93 Fight

Tokoyami with his Dark Fallen Angel move breaks Kuroiro’s smugness by getting back Aoyama. It’s a treat to watch Tokoyami’s newly developed skill. Our excitement and thrill are shared by Deku who is pumped up about witnessing it. This is the breakthrough Class A needed and with Aoyama’s Navel Laser they make Kuroiro come out of hiding. Yaoyorozu and Hagakure go ahead and try to capture Kuroiro. When it looks like Class A will be successful in having the first hostage, suddenly mushrooms start sprouting from Yaoyorozu and Hagakure. And this predicament is thanks to Kendo’s planning. When Plan A did not work they had Plan B to fall back on. It’s brilliant and puts Class A in a pinch.

Class A is our favorite but Class B makes things interesting. With the level of performances they are showing in the Combat battle, they are not one to be left behind when it comes to being a Hero. It keeps us on our toes and we get to see a variety of quirks which makes us excited to watch My Hero Academia!

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