My Hero Academia 94 – Give Your Everything!

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My Hero Academia 94 starts with Kendo’s strategy working well. Mushrooms are sprouting everywhere, thanks to Komori’s quirk, which has put an end to Class A’s near-victory. Komori’s quirk causes mushrooms to grow everywhere, including on the bodies of enemies, causing them to lose focus. It’s a shocking sight to behold, and it causes Class A to lose their momentum.

My Hero Academia 94 Mushrooms

It’s always a good idea to have a strategy in place when you’re on the battlefield. But the most important thing is to anticipate the actions that will be taken by the opponents. In that way, you can handle the situation and have a contingency plan set to overcome if the original plan fails. With the aid of her teammates, Kendo pulled this off beautifully.

My Hero Academia 94

Fukidashi makes an appearance and we get to see an interesting quirk in play. His quirk is called ‘Comic’. It transforms the sounds he makes into words so they can appear in mid-air. These words are Onomatopoeia, they resemble the sounds the words describe. He uses his quirk to create large blocks of walls and divide the members of the Class A-Team. It’s done strategically to pick out Yaoyorozu and prevent her from communicating with her team. It was a wise decision because, without Yaoyorozu’s knowledge, the class A team would be without a strategy to pursue. This ensures that Class B will not be caught off guard by a surprise attack.

My Hero Academia 94

Kendo prepares to go head-to-head with Yaoyorozu to exhaust her and not giving her enough time to create things. While Kendo pushes forward with her strong fists, Yaoyorozu goes into defensive mode and tries to hold her ground. This gives the impression that Kendo has the upper hand and little can be done to overpower her. Surprisingly when everyone else feels the same, Todoroki comments that he has faith in Yaoyorozu’s abilities. He believes that she can overcome this.

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And guess what? Todoroki is absolutely right in his findings. She was able to hold her ground in a defensive state when in battle mode with Kendo, giving her enough time to build something large like a cannon. It shocks and surprises everyone and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, you are left stunned. With the help of the cannon she throws something on the other side of the wall, rather than smashing walls or pointing it at Kendo.

On the other side of the wall, Kuroiro captures Aoyama, while Komori and Fukidashi attack Tokoyami. Tokoyami is found by Hagakure, but they have no plan of action because they are unaware of their opponents’ position. Just when Tokoyami is concerned about it, he hears the launch sound and looks up to see a bag full of objects. Thermal goggles for Tokoyami to see far ahead and locate the opponent’s position, as well as disinfectant to get rid of the mushrooms, are included in the pack. They march forward with these new things, Tokoyami towards Komori and Kuroiro, Hagakure towards Fukidashi, in order to settle the score.

Hagakure’s invisibility is beneficial, and she knocks Fukidashi out with all her might, denying him the opportunity to use his ability. Tokoyami, on the other hand, employs his special move Black Abyss, which allows the dark shadow to blend with him and serve as armor. Then he uses Sabbath to deliver a powerful blow to Komori and Kuroiro, knocking them out. Tokoyami captures Kuroiro in his cloak as he is too slow to hide in the darkness. And Komori is engulfed by the dark shadow.

For Class A, things are looking up. It seems that the tables have turned. My Hero Academia 94 has been full of unexpected twists and turns, and now another unexpected occurrence happens. Tokoyami starts coughing out of nowhere, making you nervous about what will happen next. Looks like Komori had something up her sleeve because she was able to implant mushroom in Tokoyami’s throat and lungs. Tokoyami was placed in a vulnerable position as a result of this. Despite the fact that Hagakure had the upper hand while battling Fukidashi, she failed to account for Kendo and was caught by her.

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Kendo’s unexpected arrival was not only timely but also pretty surprising. A part of her is confined by the ropes coming out of Yaoyorozu’s chest which are also tied to the Cannon. It looks like even though Kendo was able to knock her out, she had a plan in motion for keeping Kendo away from her teammates for as long as possible. Yaoyorozu’s fast thinking to assist her teammates despite the fact that there was no way out for her is commendable.

Kendo reluctantly admits that, despite the fact that they won the battle, she did not get the satisfaction of victory. Until the very end, Class A had a counterattack for every strategy implemented by Class B. When things went wrong the first time, they gave it their all and refused to admit defeat. It wasn’t about winning or losing in this fight. The fight demonstrated a variety of facets of the battlefield when it comes to fending off your foes.


Careful preparation, effective implementation of the strategy with the help of teammates, and knowledge of not just your own but also your opponents’ strategies so you can anticipate their movements. When you’re facing your opponents, all of this comes into play. In this regard, both Hero Classes have performed admirably. Getting them one step closer to becoming the heroes they want to be!

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