My Hero Academia S5 – Coming back with a bang!

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My Hero Academia S5 gives you a feeling of coming back home. Meeting all the characters and getting back into their story gets you all pumped for the season ahead! I am a bit late to post my thoughts about the episodes but here it goes. Episode 1-3 (89-91) review –

Episode 1/89 – Getting Reacquainted with Class 1-A

The episode starts with students of Class 1-A talking about the fight between Endeavour and Highly developed Nomu. We get to see the impressive fight again which brings back the exhilarating feels.

My Hero Academia Season5 Episode 1

If you were worried about feeling lost before starting the season, then fret not this episode has got your back. An emergency drill happens for Hero Course Class 1-A where the two of the big Three act as villains. Through this, we get to see all the students of class 1-A in action. We are reintroduced to their hero names and quirks. After the ending song, a spooky meeting takes place between Endeavour and Dabi from the League of Villains.

The ending is shocking; Hawks is playing a double agent? Looks like the real story is about to start from the next episode.

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Episode 2/90 – Origin of One for All

All of us can breathe a sigh of relief because it looks like Hawks is indeed playing a double agent. He is not a traitor. Also the clear admiration he has for Endeavour as a Hero comforts us in the knowledge that he is unlikely to jump ships. We get to see the family dynamics of the Todoroki family. While it looks like Natsuo – the second son is not ready to extend an olive branch to his father, Shoto acknowledges the fact that he is ready to see for what more is yet to come in regards to Endeavour as a father.

My Hero Academia Season5 Episode 2.2

At first, Endeavour states that he wants to atone for his sins and make amends but when he thinks about why he needs to be the number one hero? And for what reason? The answer leads him to accept the fact that he might not take the right steps in becoming a good father or husband. But all the things he needs to do as a hero are for the sake of their future, to secure and protect it.

The second half of the episode takes place inside the subconscious of Midoriya. It seems that he can see all his predecessors of one for all. And a scene plays out in front of him which shows us that the original bearer of One for all is the little brother of All for one. The younger brother seems to be quirkless from the start and the one who gave him the quirk that has now been developed to one for all is his older brother himself.

My Hero Academia Season5 Episode 2

We see how arrogant and power-hungry All for one is while his younger brother tries to make him see reason. The conversation between the brothers makes us see a parallel drawn between a comic book they read as kids. The younger brother talks about a hero from the comic book who defeats the bad guys and wins in the end but All for one scoffs at this notion.

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Now we know where the strong feelings behind the power to protect the people at all the costs and eradicate evil come from. Even though in the current storyline the younger brother is no more. Still we see he lives in the form of All might and most importantly Midoriya, who is tasked with the mission to cultivate the power given to him. So He can carry forth the job of protecting people from the bad ones.

It’s scary to think about the responsibility Midoriya has to bear now that he knows the origin of the power.
We are likely to see a classic showdown between brothers – good and evil in the form of All for one and Midoriya.

Episode 3/91– New Hero in the making

We see the dream rattles Midoriya. But he was able to listen to the first’s words and see all his predecessors encouraging him. All Might is unclear about things. As nothing like what happened to Midoriya had happened to him. All Might’s predecessor says ‘Feelings come before power’. Looks like with this notion the one for all is being cultivated. The feelings to end the bad ones and protect everyone are what propels this quirk forward. Looks like there’s a lot to learn on this front and we will only know all of it gradually.

The second part of the episode focuses on the training battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B from Hero Course. When we see Hitoshi Shinso with a brainwashing quirk in the Hero course, things seem to get interesting. He was the one who Midoriya fought against in the Cultural School festival long back. Students form teams by drawing numbers. The first two teams start their battle. The episode ends with revealing a new development to Shinso’s quirk which makes us excited for the next episode.

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My Hero Academia Season5 Episode 3

Mock battles like this are always fun because you get to see all the characters giving their all. You also get an idea of each of their quirks. Also these battles show a lot of character development growth. Looking forward to more!

My Hero Academia S5 Soundtrack

The opening song is No. 1 by Dish. It gets you into the right feels of watching the anime. You think of the characters’ strength and the determination with which they pave their path to reach their ultimate goals while listening to this song.

The ending song is Footprints by The Peggies. It’s a good song to be listening at the end. For me it makes me think of the bonds between the characters and their friendship with each other. Maybe because it sounds so upbeat I get a feeling that because of the bonds formed even after goodbye they will meet.

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