My Senpai Is Annoying Television Anime Reveals Visual, Additional Cast

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On Wednesday, the official website of My Senpai Is Annoying (Senpai ga Uzai Kōhai no Hanashi) anime revealed new visual and additional cast members that are joining the team. Check out the new visual below:

My Senpai Is Annoying

The new cast members of My Senpai Is Annoying anime are as follows (Image – top to down):

Saori Hayami as Tōko Sakurai (co-worker)
Reiō Tsuchida as Sōta Kazama (co-worker)
Reina Aoyama as Natsumi Kurobe (Igarashi’s childhood friend)
Yui Horie as Yūto Sakurai (Tōko’s younger brother)
Aoi Koga as Mona Tsukishiro (co-worker)

Tōko Sakurai
Sōta Kazama
Natsumi Kurobe
Yūto Sakurai
Mona Tsukishiro

Previously announced cast members are:

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Tomori Kusunoki as Futaba Igarashi (left)
Shunsuke Takeuchi as Harumi Takeda (right)

Futaba Igarashi
Harumi Takeda

The staff of My Senpai Is Annoying anime are:

DirectorRyota Itoh
StudioDoga Kobo
ScriptsYoshimi Narita
Character DesignsShigemitsu Abe (Killing Bites)
Sound DirectorTakeshi Takadera (Yowamushi Pedal, RIN-NE)
Music Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Dr. Stone)

My Senpai Is Annoying is a workplace romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Shiro Manta. The manga has been serialized online via Ichijinsha’s Comic POOL digital manga magazine since 2017. As of April 28, 2021, the manga series has been compiled into seven tankōbon volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga is English for North America and they describe the series as:

Igarashi is a hardworking young office lady. Takeda, the senpai above her at work, annoys her constantly–and yet she finds herself growing closer to him. Every day is filled with comic mishaps and romantic moments as Igarashi tries to balance work, life, and love. This full-color manga–which started its life as a webcomic–is sure to charm audiences of workplace comedies like Aggretsuko and The Office!

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