The Rising of the Shield Hero Audiobook Volume 2 Review

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Audiobook Volume 2 is going to release on May 3. The audiobook is an adaptation of Aneko Yusagi’s light novel series of the same name. It is narrated by Kurt Kanazawa (Tad on Grey’s Anatomy) and produced by One Peace Books. It is available for purchase on AmazonAudible and Audiobook Store.

In Volume 1, Naofumi Iwatani encountered the waves of destruction for the first time. It makes him realize how much more preparation and levelling up he needs to do before the second wave arrives.

In volume 2, we witness him go on a journey alongside his faithful comrade Raphtalia. Surprising events occur one after another, making everything more entertaining. Kurt’s eloquent narration of the story has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The story becomes more intriguing when a new ally enters the picture. Naofumi has increased in power in Volume 2 compared to Volume 1, but it is not all for the better. The Rising of the Shield Audiobook Volume 2 is 7 hours and 4 minutes long. One Peace Books were kind enough to send us the entire audiobook in advance for review. So, let us dive into it!


Naofumi Iwatani has finally found someone he can completely trust. Raphtalia does everything she can to make Naofumi feel secure in the faith he has placed in her. They set out on their quest to strengthen themselvers and gain new skills that would help them in battle. Also, a new character enters the scene and joins Naofumi’s crew. This trio encounters a variety of adventures that bring them closer together.

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Naofumi can become stronger than he was before and this turns out to be delightful as we see him flourish and rise to be the hero he wants to be.


Naofumi Iwatani
In volume 2, Naofumi goes through a lot of character development. We all feel a sense of sympathy for Naofumi after the events of Volume 1. As a result, seeing him in a lot better place makes me quite content. The majority of volume 2 is dedicated to Naofumi and his teammates. He appears to be in a good place, as evidenced by his inner monologue. He made me laugh out loud. I enjoy how he matures and develops a sense of love and guardianship by the end of the audiobook.

Raphtalia is a slave that travels with Naofumi in Volume 1 when he needs an ally. She has a positive impact on Naofumi. Raphtalia has had her share of difficulties, but Naofumi becoming her master provides the much-needed respite. She does everything she can to help Naofumi, but not because she feels obligated to. He is a true hero for her, and we witness her stating this in Volume 2. Even when things aren’t going well, Raphtalia helps Naofumi’s character to improve. A new character enters the picture, and we get to witness a different side of Raphtalia, which is entertaining.

Filo is introduced in volume 2, and she is the most interesting character in the audiobook. Her persona is innocent and enjoyable. It’s amusing to watch her go about her business, keeping everyone on their toes. I especially like how she is depicted in the audiobook because it fits her personality so perfectly. She is my favourite part of the story as her antics are so much fun to listen to.

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Let me tell you right off the bat, Volume 2 Audiobook is so much better than the previous one. I have to admire Kurt Kanazawa who narrates this audiobook. I enjoyed listening to it. Even just thinking about the audiobook makes me happy right now since I adore Naofumi’s new tone of voice. It has to do with his experiences and how much he had to go through to eventually reach a point where he has someone watching his back. He didn’t feel alone any longer, and we could tell by the way the narrator expressed his feelings. It made him sound more assured, and his inner monologue became more amusing as a result.

In this volume of the audiobook, the voices of the female characters are also done quite well. So there’s practically nothing in this one that I don’t like. The narrator has done an excellent job with character development. We know Naofumi’s character has gone through a lot since volume 1, so seeing him on the offensive side is quite fulfilling. We all know what happened to Motoyasu and Myne; they’re still the same obnoxious characters they were previously.

What changes now is Naofumi’s response towards them. The way he reacts, every time he comes across Myne, in his mind, he addresses her as “Bitch”. And it is so straightforward because her actions make her an unlikeable character. But the way it is said, the way the narrator conveys the aggravation of Naofumi through that one small word hits you right in the spot. It is so gratifying to listen to him say that. This is one of my top memorable moments from this audiobook. The progress of the relationship building between Naofumi and Raphtalia is another one of my favourite things. There comes a new character Filo who shakes things up and makes everything more entertaining.

The tone of the Audiobook

Each character’s voice tone is done quite effectively. Each of them has their own personality, and the quirkiness of the characters is brought out beautifully through the audio. The narrative pulls you in and places you right in the middle of the action, allowing you to get the most out of the story. The narration brings each of the characters to life. Filo’s character is one of my favourites since her voice is endearing and has a hint of naivety to it. The voice acting of Filo provides us with an excellent impression of the character. When it comes to Naofumi’s attention, Raphtalia and Filo’s bickering is adorable. Any conversation that happens between this trio has an underlying feeling of warmth.

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Many scenarios will make you laugh out loud. One of my favourites is when Naofumi says, “Happiness occurs when you least expect it,” after something unexpected happens. This is insightful, yet the context and manner in which he says it makes you giggle. Things get perilous at the climax of the novel, and the characters are overly emotional. You can sense the characters’ angst, and the narrative simply holds your attention and accentuates what you are already feeling. Everything is on point, and you are drawn into the plot.

What distinguishes this story from anime?

The second volume of The Rising of the Shield Hero audiobook covers episodes 5 through 8 of the first season of the anime. The audiobook goes through everything in greater detail. We learn the inner workings of Naofumi’s mind, which is the best part of the story. Let me tell you, his head is a fun place to visit in this audiobook. When we get to know a character better, we build a bond with them, and the volume 2 audiobook helps us to do just that.


Naofumi Iwatani matures brilliantly from someone who was just doing what was required to genuinely feeling the power of love and going to great lengths to protect his team. By the end of this audiobook, you will feel a sense of unity and your heart will be filled with warmth. Volume 2 was a lot of fun to listen to, and it was great to see everything come together.

Read what the editor and Kurt have said about The Rising of the Shield Hero Audiobook Volume 2 – here.
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