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The Devil Judge Episode 7 – Breaking The Faith In The System!

The Devil Judge episode 7 starts with Kang Yo Han dramatically announcing to the country about the people in power involved in mo..

The Devil Judge Episode 6 – Taking Out The Powerful One By One!

It is surprising how in the previous episode I did not like Jung Sun Ah but in The Devil Judge episode 6 she captured my attention.

The Devil Judge Episode 5: Kang Yo Han Has A Formidable Enemy!

The Devil Judge episode 5 starts with Kang Yo Han waking up to the illusion of seeing his brother in the fire. Honestly, the way he gets..

The Devil Judge Episode 4 – Revenge At Its Finest!

The Devil Judge episode 4 starts with the findings of Kang Yo Han’s past. The insinuation that he is responsible for his brother’s death.

The Devil Judge Episode 3 – People Have A Say And They Won’t Forgive!

With every episode, The Devil Judge keeps getting better. In The Devil Judge episode 3, after the bomb blast that took place in the last..

The Devil Judge Episode 2: Thrill Factor Is Here!

The Devil Judge episode 2 brought the feels I was looking for. The scene that stands out in episode one is Kang Yo Han yawns when he is c..

The Devil Judge Episode 1: Intriguing Enough To Continue Watching!

The Devil Judge Episode 1 has all the characters making moves from the first episode itself. It takes place in a dystopian world w..

The Devil Judge K-Drama: Still Deliberating Whether To Watch It Or Not?

The Devil Judge K-Drama takes you through a dystopian Korea where people are homeless, unemployed, and afflicted by a variety of factors.

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