The Devil Judge K-Drama: Still Deliberating Whether To Watch It Or Not?

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Let me help you.
Starring Ji Sung, Park Jin-Young, Kim Min-Jung, Park Gyu-Young, The Devil Judge K-Drama takes you through a dystopian Korea where people are homeless, unemployed, and afflicted by a variety of factors. It is set in a time when the citizens of the country feel all hope is lost.

As a solution to all of these issues, the Social Responsibility Foundation is here to meet the demands of the people. The members of this foundation are all-powerful persons in positions of influence. The Foundation launches a Live Court Show for Open Trials. Kang Yo Han is the Live Court’s Chief Judge. He’s a man who never fails to surprise you, and he’ll keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the drama.

The Devil Judge K-Drama

Since when do influential people in power care about a noble cause? The Devil Judge will enthrall you by demonstrating what occurs when ordinary people are allowed to participate in legal proceedings. Is this the definition of democracy? To allow the public a say in the judgment or punishment of an accused person. Or does it make you realize how dangerous it is for power to be in the hands of the people? As the verdicts will be highly based on the narrative people see through their screens.

Even if the legal aspect of the story does not interest you to see it, I am confident that the revenge element of the tale will. When I first watched Episode 1, it did not stick with me. But Kang Yo Han’s character is so intriguing and unique that you can’t wait to see what happens next. And believe me when I say it gets better.

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RolePersonKnown For
DirectorChoi Jung-gyuChildren of Nobody, Triangle
DeveloperStudio Dragon
ScriptMoon Yoo-seok (a former judge)Ms. Hammurabi
MusicJeong Se-rinFlower of Evil OST
Penthouse 1&2 OST

The director and writer’s (a former judge) vision, the drama’s lavish ambience, the conflicting characters, and the wonderful soundtrack will make your time worthwhile.

Main Cast

CharacterActorKnown For
Kang Yo-hanJi SungKill Me, Heal Me (2015)
Innocent Defendant (2017)
Familiar Wife (2018)
Doctor John (2019)
Jung Sun-ahKim Min-jungMan to Man (2017)
Mr. Sunshine (2018)
My Fellow Citizens! (2019)
Kim Ga-onPark Jin-youngMember of Got7 and JJ Project band
Yoon Soo-hyunPark Gyu-youngIt’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)
Sweet Home (2020)

General Information

The Devil Judge k-drama debuted on tvN on July 3, 2021, and will run for 16 episodes every Saturday and Sunday. A webtoon adaption is also being developed.

Note: If you are a fan of Beyond Evil K Drama and loved the concept of a seemingly bad guy and a seemingly good guy going at odds with each other. Then finally resulting in them working together then you will love The Devil Judge. The same dynamic seems to play out here.

The Devil Judge k-drama is an ongoing drama with only 4 episodes out so far. But trust me when I say that watching it will be thrilling and leave you wanting more. And you’ll enjoy the feeling it gives you. So, yes, go watch it if you haven’t already, then come back here to read our thoughts on all of the episodes that have already aired.

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The Devil Judge K-Drama

You can watch The Devil Judge K-Drama on Rakuten Viki.
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