The Devil Judge Episode 5: Kang Yo Han Has A Formidable Enemy!

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The Devil Judge episode 5 starts with Kang Yo Han waking up to the illusion of seeing his brother in the fire. Honestly, the way he gets these flashbacks where he keeps seeing his brother looking at him makes you wonder how did he die. I still stand by the statement that Kang Yo Han did not kill his brother. But there is something more to what happened than what he tells to Kim Ga On. Elijah insinuates that he is only seeing things because he is guilty. This can be true, I think Kang Yo Han truly feels guilty about his brother dying regardless of him being the cause.

The Devil Judge K-Drama

Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On’s bromance is the best part. You know Kim Ga On comes from a sincere place when he is talking to Kang Yo Han. But Kang Yo Han loves playing around with his emotions. For him, I think Kim Ga On intrigues him also provides him with a sick sense of entertainment. Though we can also notice how he also surprises Kang Yo Han by his understanding. It will be delightful to see where this dynamic goes as the drama moves on. We see Cha Kyung Hee checking up on her son in the prison. While the president is doing his own thing to garner attention from the people. It makes you realize how much of a joke people in power are in The Devil Judge episode 5.

The Devil Judge Episode 5

Cha Kyung Hee surprisingly turns the narrative around of her son’s case in an interview. She showcases her emotions as a mother but also stands by the verdict. The channel broadcasts images of Lee Young Min with major cuts on his back. The interviewer plays her part of instilling doubts asking questions like is this not too inhumane. Is this what we should condone? People are fickle, you see something, and when it tugs at your heartstrings your emotions take you down a different path from before. Now we see people feeling bad about the verdict. However, we might equally assert that everything that is done elicits a negative response. People will be dissatisfied even if Kang Yo Han moves the judgement based on popular vote.

When Kim Ga On tells Yoon Soo Hyun about the church fire, she comments how dreadful the story is. She says in a way that makes you know she does not believe, which is smart of her. Kim Ga On seems very convinced about Kang Yo Han’s story but Yoon Soo Hyun reminds him no one should be above the law.

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I admire her character because, as I already stated, she can protect Kim Ga On. And make him see things when Kang Yo Han’s words sway him. We get to see a nice flashback from their younger days. Be still my heart Kim Ga On gives off bad boy vibes in his younger version. Ah, we do love a reformed bad boy. This also makes you see he can take the heat. When things get too scary he will be able to fight back hopefully and not become a victim. Yoon Soo Hyun and Kim Ga On give you the best feels when you see that she became a police detective for him. That is the most adorable thing we get from The Devil Judge episode 5.

The Devil Judge Episode 5

Kang Yo Han is losing his touch. The foundation is not happy anymore with him after his last verdict. So they are doing everything they can to sabotage him. A case comes up in the live court, not by his choosing. He notes how it is a case about a famous person but not anyone in power. The prosecution pushes for 20 years in prison verdict along with physical castration as the defendant is guilty of habitual sexual assault. It looks like all of this is a ploy Jung Sun Ah organizes to put Kang Yo Han in a tough situation. People are already on a high after the last verdict with a case like sexual assault and demanding castration it’s not hard for people to go along with it. But as a judge, it would be something not lawful.

If Kang Yo Han passes the verdict then people will be momentarily happy but then the inhumane case comes up and they will slander him. People who are rooting for him and expecting that he will be the judge who gives them what they want will be disappointed if he does not pass the verdict. Jung Sun Ah has put together an incredibly brilliant play. This whole situation also tells us how he cannot depend on people to achieve his goal. The people are changeable and that puts Kang Yo Han who formerly has no other back up at a disadvantage.

The Devil Judge Episode 5

Kang Yo Han’s home scenes hit you differently. He has his fun with Kim Ga On but also gets affected by him. We see an emotional side to Kang Yo Han, making him more humane. I appreciate that his character can unearth all the pain deep inside him and face it. There is a healthy way to cope up with all the abuse but we know Kang Yo Han is not one to follow it. I like that Kim Ga On can bring this different side of Kang Yo Han. But we do love him being the bad man. So I hope he is not too caught up in emotions this early in the drama.

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Kim Ga On experiences the effect the live trials are having on the people. It shakes him a bit makes him realize whatever game people in power are playing, in the end, is affecting the citizens of the country. Kim Ga On makes a statement of how people of the country scare him. This is why the world requires laws, people cannot be the sole judge, jury, and executioner. It sounds like a power that feels good to yield but also a power that will bring chaos.

Moving on with the trial we see Kang Yo Han struggling throughout it. But what surprises me is Oh Jin Joo’s take on the defendant’s lawyer’s statements. She talks about how the poor are not living in the same country as the privileged. It shows the sincerity of her character. So far we saw her goofing around going along with the whole production of the live trial. But in this episode we see she comes from a humble background and she wants to make a difference. I hope her character keeps on surprising us.

The Devil Judge Episode 5

The judges take a recess before deciding on the final verdict. During this time an interesting dream sequence happens and for a second I believed it. The way Kim Ga On thinks about Kang Yo Han made me laugh so much, that man is good but not naïve. He is well versed with Kang Yo Han’s character.

The final verdict though is an unexpected twist where the defendant is sentenced to a Texas jail where sex offenders are rehabilitated. The little video clip supporting it is a fun touch. Just when You think Kang Yo Han survived the play, he gets abducted and brought into a place that resembles his house. We get to know that Jung Sun Ah is the young maid that worked at the house in the past. And most likely the story of young Kang Yo Han making a maid jump off the second floor is about her. I get a feeling that she is highly obsessed with Kang Yo Han and also is greedy for power.

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Honestly, I have to admit the way her character behaves makes me not like her so much. So it is really hard to see Kang Yo Han at her mercy. But the sensual soundtrack that goes along with this particular scene makes you enjoy it regardless. I am hoping for Kang Yo Han to get his fire back and just rain some hell because in The Devil Judge episode 5 he was too complaisant. Well, the preview for the next episode shows things are not easy on him we will see what happens!

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