The Devil Judge Episode 7 – Breaking The Faith In The System!

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The Devil Judge episode 7 starts with Kang Yo Han dramatically announcing to the country about the people in power involved in money laundering. He requests people to come forward with tips. And promises to reward them for their information. This creates a frenzy all around. The members of the foundation are running around like headless chickens scared about the consequences. While Jung Sun Ah seems to enjoy the uproar. Kim Ga On understands what Kang Yo Han has been up to. He realizes Kang Yo Han was not the one who attacked Yoon Soo Hyun. But he did abduct the witness so that he can clear his name in front of the press. Kim Ga On knows Kang Yo Han does only those things that benefit him.

The Devil Judge

Meanwhile, Oh Jin Joo learns about the party where Kim Ga On comes across the true faces behind the foundation. He tells her how they are only after the power and are not as noble as they make themselves appear to others. Oh Jin Joo feels more concerned with the fact she was not invited to go along than anything else that Kim Ga On shares. Though Jung Sun Ah’s voice plays insider her mind telling her to be ambitious. We know she is a fan of Kang Yo Han but seeing all the current actions of Judge Kang, the feeling seems to have worn off. This will more likely make her a perfect pawn for Jung Sun Ah to exploit when the time comes.

We see the woman working with her feeling tremors when Jung Sun Ah sweetly makes it a point to threaten her to do a better job. This tells us how even though it looked like they have a good relationship Jung Sun Ah is a loose cannon. She can do worse things to anyone in the blink of an eye. Her character is a surprising one, at times you do not like her but at other times you feel sympathetic towards her. She gives an interesting lecture to a bunch of orphans. Most likely seeing herself in them. She talks about her abusive mother. And how she realized rich people have the best manners only because they can afford it. She urges the kids to survive till the end and then become rich.

The Devil Judge Episode 7

The way she talks about this to the children makes you see her own story. She was once abused by the Chairman of Social Responsibility Foundation. The only reason she has him in the palm of her hands is because of the leverage she has over him most likely the abuse she went through. It makes you feel glad that she came on the top after having an understanding of what happened to her. This side of her is authentic and we know she has been a tad bit over the top since childhood.

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The way she does what she wants without caring is good to see. I think as we know more about her character, her actions become more enjoyable. Kim Ga On talks Kang Yo Han into learning how to converse with teenagers. Kim Ga On’s presence is good for their family. As he becomes a buffer also a bridge between Elijah and Kang Yo Han. They do need him in different capacities.

The Devil Judge Episode 7

The proof that Kang Yo Han irrespective of his bad ways is not the devil himself is in the way he makes effort for Elijah. Elijah finds out about Kim Ga On’s parents’ death. She seems interested to know about the circumstances leading to the con that took place due to which his parents took their lives. I have a feeling she is going to do some digging and find something maybe that correlates Kim Ga On’s parents’ case to the bigger picture we have in front of us. The president makes some statements against Kang Yo Han in a press conference. Kim Ga On warns Kang Yo Han about him and asks what the next step will be.

Kang Yo Han explains that the people in power got there by showing to the world that the rich cared about the poor. And they showcased their social responsibility using advertisements. Now with the dream house project, they wanted all the poor, homeless people under one roof away from the public eye. This helps them create a redevelopment image for the country. When Kim Ga On asks whether Kang Yo Han secured evidence regarding it, Kang Yo Han says it is not easy. The people they are against are dangerous enough who have no qualms about hurting anyone.

We all know how Kang Yo Han feels about it. Honestly Kim Ga On is too naïve or a genuinely good soul who believes in the system. Kang Yo Han lets him stay in this belief. He tells him the next plan of action is to divide and conquer. He creates situations where two members of the Social Responsibility Foundation end up meeting Kang Yo Han to save their hides by putting the other down. These people are powered by greed and are only loyal to themselves. All of these meetings make the President wary of him. The president for a while looks like has the upper hand but we know Kang Yo Han loves playing games.

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The Devil Judge Episode 7

He cleverly makes a live broadcast with the President making him agree to look into the Foundation and see through these allegations. Kim Ga On finds that the foundation did a lot of publicity about money donated by the members. But the project is covered with the public donation itself. Now they need financial records to prove this assumption. Kang Yo Han with his scheme was able to get records from the two members of the foundation. But both records are forged and do not show the real numbers. Kang Yo Han has a plan up his sleeve. Kim Ga On is surprised with the ease Kang Yo Han can manipulate things to work his way.

All of this reminds Kim Ga On of his parents and the pain he went through after their deaths. We see how angry he was wanting to take revenge but Yoon Soo Hyun puts a stop to it. She pleads with him to not ruin his life. I think Kim Ga On is in control of his emotions because in the past he hurt Yoon Soo Hyun without meaning to. It reminds him not to take matters into his own hands or do things against the law. As Kang Yo Han is giving reward to anyone who comes with information be it useful or not, this entices a lot of people.

Kang Yo Han reveals that he has the financial record of the foundation and will disclose them in a week. After making sure that his informants are safe. He also puts Kim Ga On in limelight revealing to everyone about his parents being conned. And how their death motivated Kim Ga On to not let other people go through the same thing.

Kang Yo Han uses the information he has to affect the people’s sentiments cleverly. Helping him achieve his goal that is to keep people on his side. Kim Ga On feels infuriated but Kang Yo Han instigates him more trying to pull out the anger from Kim Ga On. Kim Ga On feels like he has been wronged. But also believes that the system did what it could and declare the punishment against the criminal accordingly. Seeing this unwavering belief in the law, Kang Yo Han takes him on a trip to the prison.

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On the other hand, we see the members of the foundation are flustered by Kang Yo Han’s declaration. And they are worried about what to do. Jung Sun Ah puts a thought inside their heads about how they need a fall guy to accept all the accusations Kang Yo Han throws at them. We see the members meeting with the Chairman of the foundation. He pushes for the same plan but with Jung Sun Ah in his mind. We have already seen how the members are not too fond of him. So this makes it clear which side they will be on. Honestly, the Chairman is such a despicable man that the scene that follows through makes me happy for Jung Sun Ah.

The way she takes control and finished him, I feel proud of her because of the things she suffered under him. Thankfully she was too smart to become a victim, she rather gained control of the situation. In a way, you can’t help but feel content with what happens. On the other side, Kim Ga On goes through a huge revelation finding that the one who is serving time for the con is entirely someone else. He is not the person responsible and this shocks him. The unjust the unfairness of the situation makes him burst out loud and you can feel his pain.

All this time he kept going on keeping his hurt deep buried inside choosing to believe in the law. When you’re a regular person and you’re wronged, the only thing you have on your side is the law. But do we though? Kang Yo Han says how power comes before the law. The system is weaker in front of the power. This breaks down Kim Ga On. Looking at Kang Yo Han it is hard to dissect his motives, he could have wanted to show Kim Ga On the reality. But this timely choice to give away the information can be a way to lure him onto his side and maybe commit unlawful things. Why? Well because it will be fun for him.

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge episode 7 ends with Jung Sun Ah becoming the Chairwoman of the Social Foundation Responsibility. Everything that we learned about her makes it impossible to not feel proud of her for achieving this. She came, she survived and conquered. Yes, she is playing a long game that will make her an opponent of Kang Yo Han’s. But either way you cannot disregard the fact that it feels good to see her in power. After everything, she went through. As we move on we will get to see more of her crazy side and antics and I am excited about them. Also Kim Ga On has taken a huge blow in The Devil Judge episode 7. So his character’s future choices are something to watch out for.

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