The Devil Judge Episode 1: Intriguing Enough To Continue Watching!

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The Devil Judge episode 1 has all the characters making moves from the first episode itself. It takes place in a dystopian world where people are suffering economically, mentally, physically. In this world of suffering a concept called ‘Live Court’ is an attempt to give power to the people who are feeling helpless. Social Responsibility foundation funds it but the name and intent of the members of the foundation do not go hand in hand.

Kang Yo Han, performed by Ji Sung, is the face of this Live Court Show. He is not only the face but plays a prominent role in this as the Head Judge. His verdict is final but he gives the people of the country to take part in the judgment. An app allows people to vote Guilty/Innocent as they are watching the live court hearing. Along with him, we have Kim Ga On played by Park Jin Young, who is an associate Judge in the courtroom.

The Social Responsibility Foundation announces about the Live Court publicly and they take on their first case in this The Devil Judge episode 1. The case itself garners a lot of attention as it is against a renowned businessman from JU Chemicals. The case states that the chemical waste from their factories was not treated properly. Due to which when they released the chemicals into the water bodies, a nearby village gets affected. It is a high-profile case because the Chairman of JU Chemicals also funds the Social Responsibility Foundation. The Minister of Justice seems to be connected to him. It gets interesting how till the end of the episode we do not know which way the case will go.

Main Characters

Kang Yo Han
Well, he is the Devil Judge. Does that mean his intentions are evil? I would not say that. His character is neither good nor bad, it is more in the greyscale. His presence is strong and commanding. When he steps into a room, the most power resides with him. Kang Yo Han comes off as a practical person, he has no time for emotions. Just when you think you know him, he surprises you. He is a very interesting character. His mannerisms fascinate you, it becomes the one reason to keep watching the drama past episode one.

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Kim Ga On
Kim Ga On is the do-gooder of the drama. If Kang Yo Han is the devil then it is not a stretch to say Kim Ga On is the angel. We see him doing good deeds at the risk of his own life. He finds Kang Yo Han strange and keeps an eye on him. His character comes off as someone who will help to keep a leash on Kang Yo Han so our devil judge does not get too crazy. So far I can say I am not a fan, he is just too good. But then maybe I will appreciate his good side when things will go out of hand eventually.

Jung Sun Ah
Jung Sun Ah is part of the Social Responsibility Foundation. At the first glance, it feels like she is an underling doing others’ biddings. But her character’s presence is strong and the way she interacts with others makes you know she is more than what you see on the surface. I think she will be one of the characters who will genuinely surprise us. And she is playing a game which we are not sure of yet so that makes things interesting.

Yoon Soo Hyun
Yoon Soo Hyun is Kim Ga On’s childhood best friend. She works as a police lieutenant and will be playing a major role when things get too unlawful. I like her relationship with Kim Ga On, it is super cute and has the possibility of becoming more as we move forward. She cares about Kim Ga On and that makes her come in between him and Kang Yo Han. I get a feeling she will be doing anything to protect him so most likely going against Kang Yo Han to do so. Knowing Kim Ga On’s personality I am glad he has someone like Yoon Soo Hyun in his corner. He will need her.

The Devil Judge episode 1 has a dramatic flair to it. The introduction of the Live Court Hearing and the theatrics of the characters mostly Kang Yo Han’s makes you a tad bit excited about what is to come. But it somehow falls short in making an actual impact. There is no stimulating feeling that courses through your body while you watch the judgment take place in the courtroom. Still, Kang Yo Han’s unexpected action lures you into wanting to watch the episode.

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Also, the whole idea of the ‘Live Court’ and people getting to participate in having a say for the final verdict makes things interesting. People in the majority are moved by things they see. Can we always confirm what see is the truth? A carefully fabricated way of showing a certain narrative to the people makes the choices they make unreliable. Even though Kang Yo Han’s character is unpredictable he seems to be on the people’s side so far. But I can only imagine things will get more complicated as we move on.

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