The Devil Judge Episode 6 – Taking Out The Powerful One By One!

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It is surprising how in the previous episode I did not like Jung Sun Ah but in The Devil Judge episode 6 she captured my attention. We delve a little more into her character and that helps us understand the way she behaves currently. At first, we get the past story from Jung Sun Ah’s perspective. She feels drawn to pretty objects and had a crush on Kang Yo Han. She talks Kang Yo Han into coming outside the basement when his father is not around. One day suddenly Kang Yo Han asks her to jump off the window to prove that she likes him and she jumps. She is more than a tad bit crazy. But every story has two sides.

Ji Sung

When we see the same events through Kang Yo Han’s perspective we realize Jung Sun Ah has been cunning from the start. She made Kang Yo Han come out of the basement so she will get a scapegoat to blame for all the missing items. The precious items she steals. When Kang Yo Han gets to know about it, he warns her but the threat falls on deaf ears. She steals something that belongs to Issac’s mother. Kang Yo Han makes a move and lets her know he knows what she stole. That’s when Jung Sun Ah chooses to fall out of the window on her own and she is smiling while doing that.

Her younger self’s actions create depth to her present character. The Devil Judge episode 6 makes you see her in a new light. In a way, she likes to have fun too just like Kang Yo Han. She likes him to an extent because they both are similar but she prioritizes her goals. I like that it makes things interesting. She will be Kang Yo Han’s roadblock and their fight will be entertaining to watch. Kang Yo Han tells her he has nothing to lose, no one to protect. She does not agree with his declaration. In The Devil Judge, the way the scenes are choreographed is enchanting to watch, the slow motions, the dramatic flair, and the soundtrack add up to your watching experience.

The Devil Judge Episode 6

Jung Sun Ah lets Kang Yo Han go, she likes that he makes too much of a ruckus making the people of the foundation uncomfortable. This makes them rely on her for damage control thus giving her more power. It is a way in for her to reach her end goal about which we are still unaware of. Back in the house, Kang Yo Han notices Kim Ga On and Elijah sleeping in the living room. His actions show how much he cares for his niece. But Elijah believes that he is the reason her father is dead. The application to cancel the donation was made a week before the fire. There has to be some explanation that might lead us to the real reason behind the church fire.

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The family moments we get of Elijah, Kang Yo Han, and Kim Ga On are delightful to watch. I say family moments because Kim Ga On has made himself a fixed presence in Kang Yo Han’s household. Their bickering and their dynamics lighten the heaviness of the drama. I hope the writer protects these relations and we get more of these moments. It soon takes a bad turn when Kim Ga On takes Elijah to meet Yoon Soo Hyun. It could be purely a sweet attempt at helping Elijah make more friends.

But the opportunity to gain more information on Kang Yo Han is too hard to pass. Kang Yo Han gets fired up when he realizes where Elijah went. I think more than her meeting a police officer he could be worried about Elijah’s safety. He admits to the man working for him that Jung Sun Ah is crazy and her crazy could touch Elijah that will be a scary notion.

Jung Sun Ah is sowing her seeds to move her game plan forward. Cha Kyung Hee is helping her out in her plans in return for the promise to ruin Kang Yo Han. Like I said the cinematography of The Devil Judge is on point and so classy. The scenes give you a good kind of rush. We see that Kim Ga On does not take lightly to Kang Yo Han’s outburst at Yoon Soo Hyun. He then notices someone suspicious following around his former professor.

The scene where he is chasing that person on the bike gives you such thrills. He is not able to catch that person but we realize all of it is a trap laid out by Jung Sun Ah to make Kim Ga On doubt Kang Yo Han. It is not hard for his opinion of Kang Yo Han to change. Even though he likes him to some extent, he is still suspicious of him.

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Jung Sun Ah is busy in this The Devil Judge episode 6. She has her eyes set on Oh Jin Joo. She praises Oh Jin Joo and asks her to be more ambitious regarding her work. Most likely she will make use of Oh Jin Joo when the time comes and turn the tables on Kang Yo Han. Kim Ga On sees Kang Yo Han looking at a video where people are imitating Kang Yo Han and flogging others. Also, it is not wrong to say that a cult formation has taken place where people are idolizing Kang Yo Han and justifying their harsh actions by his name. Yoon Soo Hyun in her pursuit to get dirt on Kang Yo Han tails the witness from case one of JU chemicals. She notices he has withdrawn a huge amount of money most likely the bribe money Kang Yo Han gave him.

Kim Ga On warns her against taking any actions alone. And we also see Kang Yo Han is aware of her actions. Suddenly she gets attacked and then the news comes out of Kang Yo Han bribing the witness for his case. All of this is too much for Kim Ga On to take. He decides to confront Kang Yo Han and in a rush attacks him. Kang Yo Han reacts strongly to this and takes Kim Ga On down letting him know he should never hit him. I believe it stems from a point where his past still haunts him. He also lets Kim Ga On know that he was not behind Yoon Soo Hyun’s attack.

Oh Jin Joo is worried about the news and what it could mean for the live trial. Kim Ga On has a different set of worries. Kang Yo Han meets up with Cha Kyung Hee but it is so shocking. He does not act like a man who has lost anything. Cha Kyung Hee makes a statement about how storytelling is important when you give power to the people. This is so true, But In the end, he laughs at her and asks her to keep continuing what she is doing. This action brings back our faith in him that he has something powerful up his sleeve. All the Justice associates want him to resign but our man is not one for going down silently.

He takes his stage in the courtroom where the live trial happens. The press keeps on asking him is he guilty and he accepts that he is. This shakes everyone mostly Kim Ga On but right at the next moment the witness from Case one of JU Chemicals comes forward. He stands before the press and says the money given to him was after his dismissal from the company. He tells everyone that Kang Yo Han helped him and his family at the time of crisis. Kang Yo Han adds up on this saying whatever may be the reason he is guilty of arousing suspicion in the minds of the people.

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Kang Yo Han boldly asks the people to judge him whether he should remain as the judge or resign. The way he flipped the story is amazing. The whole scenario makes you grin so hard because he did it. He took the storytelling from Cha Kyung Hee and turned it over in a way that made people feel more connected to him. People now see him as a soul who is so humble that will help others in need. You have to appreciate this turnover. And just when we are already feeling amazing about what happened he brings out another shock to the table.

The Devil Judge Episode 6

Finally putting all his cards out, he calls out the people behind the Dream Project of the Social Responsibility Foundation for money laundering. The way he does it, the press gets into a frenzy, people are shocked, Kim Ga On is surprised but he knows the reason behind it. And just looking at Jung Sun Ah’s expression enjoying that chaos Kang Yo Han launched creates a foreboding shadow.

Jung Sun Ah is pleasantly surprised and does not at all feel as she got knocked down. It shows how much she loves a tough game and with Kang Yo Han putting his thoughts in open the stakes are higher than ever. The next move will determine if this was the right thing to do. Jung Sun Ah could care less about all the people Kang Yo Han called out in the national press. But she will use this to her advantage and up her game into getting what she wants. This will likely give us more action-packed and stimulating scenes as we move forward.

The Devil Judge Episode 6

Here is the soundtrack that makes excitement course through our body while watching The Devil Judge episode 6!

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