The Devil Judge Episode 2: Thrill Factor Is Here!

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The Devil Judge episode 2 brought the feels I was looking for. The scene that stands out in episode one is Kang Yo Han yawns when he is crying. Kim Ga On is taken aback by the scene and so are we. This raises the suspicions Kim Ga On has for Kang Yo Han. Kang Yo Han offers to treat his associate judges to food. Oh Jin Joo is a laid back character. She is a fan of Kang and seems to enjoy the spotlight she gets from the Show. The celebratory treat turns sour when Kang Yo Han makes comments about Kim Ga On’s parents. It looks like he enjoys picking apart people and ruffling Kim Ga On’s feathers gives him entertainment.

The Devil Judge Episode 2

We come across a new character who enjoys driving in a fast car and causes havoc in the street. Minister of Justice Cha Kyung Hee, on the other hand, feels dissatisfied with the first case’s outcome. She makes her disapproval known to the others in the Social Responsibility Foundation. Her run-in with Jung Sun Ah makes things interesting. Jung Sun Ah portrays herself as someone who does not have the power to go against other influential people. But as you see her character interacting with Cha Kyung Hee, you feel a sense of trepidation coming over you.

Kim Ga On confronts Kang Yo Han about his theories behind the witness statement in the first case. It is interesting how Kang Yo Han believes that there is no real justice in the world. It is all a game where you either win or lose. So far, we’ve learned that Kang Yo Han prefers to be on the winning side. Does that mean he will do anything to get there? That seems like it. Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun happen to see the fast car driver causing almost an accident. They both immediately chase in the police car but it is harder for them to catch up.

Here comes my favorite part, Suddenly we see Kang Yo Han driving just as fast as the man getting away. It is so thrilling and the soundtrack of this scene gets you right in the feels. Kang Yo Han catches up to the car laughing maniacally and the driver becomes agitated. This scene was so enjoyable and it gets better when Kang cuts the path of the other car and makes it stop. He then proceeds to use a hammer on the man’s car and leaves him with a public transportation card. Just writing about it makes me grin so hard because his actions are so unpredictable but you love them. Though this exchange is witnessed by Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun further confirming the need to look into Kang Yo Han.

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The Devil Judge Episode 2

The police detective looks into the witness and the Doctor from the first case for Kim Ga On. Surprisingly we see that Kang Yo Han has found the listening device in his room. He purposely seems to talk in a way that makes him come across as shadier. For him, all of this is a game and at some level, it looks like Kim Ga On amuses him.

On the other hand, we see how much of a terrible personality the Fast car driver has when he is interacting with his employees. No wonder Kang Yo Han is keeping tabs on him because he seems to get away disrespecting and hurting people just because he has money. Oh Jin Joo notices that their next trial case is a simple assault case which makes her wonder why Judge Kang is interested in this.

The Social Responsibility Foundation hosts a charity event, which Kang Yo Han and Oh Jin Joo attend. While Kim Ga On is digging into Kang Yo Han’s past. There is animosity between the Minister of Justice and Judge Kang but outwardly they act pleasant towards each other. As the past story unravels it seems that Kang Yo Han has always been practical. Acting on his instincts and doing what he deems right. As you get to know the past story you also realize he has an own sense of justice, there are times where you cannot fight back fairly. He seems to have learned this at an early age so his tactics make him evil but the results kind of feels fair.

The Devil Judge Episode 2

In the present, we see Cha Kyung Hee is introducing her family to Judge Kang. Well, things get super entertaining as we see the fast car man is none other than Cha Kyung Hee’s son. The smile Kang Yo Han leaves us with makes you know that he will have fun toying with Cha Kyung Hee’s son.

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Jung Sun Ah tries to make a threat to Kang Yo Han telling him his actions should be in consideration with the sponsors and members of the Social Responsibility Foundation. Soon Jung Sun Ah realizes that Kang Yo Han is not a man to be tamed but her personality seems like the one who will not give up easily. So this gets interesting. At the end of The Devil Judge episode 2, we see Kim Ga On realize that his listening device is caught and Kang Yo Han confronts him. But suddenly there’s a bomb ticking sound which leads Kim Ga On to cover Judge Kang just as the bomb explodes in the room. The episode ends with Kang Yo Han dragging an unconscious Kim Ga On out of the room. That is one hell of an ending and you can’t help but watch the next episode.

The Devil Judge Episode 2

I have to say The Devil Judge episode 2 did a better job at grasping my attention and making me realize that I will stick with watching the drama.

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