Happiness K-Drama Episode 2 [Review] – Welcome The New Characters!

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Happiness k-drama episode 2 starts on a grim note. A lot of dead bodies are found, Han Tae Seok finds out that someone took the drug for a cold. And then this happened. We see Yoon Sae Bom’s friend is checking the news and it feels super terrifying. The breakout of a new virus that makes people kill others. Also the military handling the bodies and the infected people look intimidating enough to not wanting be caught in all of it. Yoon Sae Bom comes to greet him and lets him know that she is getting an apartment reserved for Police. And she is marrying Jung Yi Hyun for it. It is rather absurd but goes along with her personality.

It looks like in Happiness k-drama episode 2, Yoon Sae Bom’s friend has a scratch too from helping the wounded officer. This makes him scared. We see him getting in touch with a reporter who asks for an inside scoop in exchange for money. Maybe he wants money to get far away but he has to know that it would not help in case of infection. But he seems too terrified of the prospect of being locked away in some facility. And never being allowed to see his family again. Jung Yi Hyun’s partner congratulates him for marriage. He gives him a box of rice cakes to promote his wife’s shop.

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While coming up in the elevator to her new apartment Yoon Sae Bom meets a new character who looks vigilant enough to be wearing a mask in the post covid world. He is the first character we see wearing a normal mask in Happiness k-drama episode 2. So he surely makes an impression on us. Looks like Jung Yi Hyun brought a photo frame of them from their high school days of their memorable moment. The moment that started their bond. Yoon Sae Bom offers to give away the rice cakes Jung Yi Hyun’s partner gave. While doing this she meets a different set of characters who are her neighbors on her floor and one floor above.

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We have a nice sweet young girl who informs Yoon Sae Bom about how things work in the building. Then there is a couple, the husband is an attorney and doesn’t seem to trust anyone. And we have two doctors who live right above Yoon Sae Bom’s apartment where the husband stays at home while his wife goes out. It is foreshadowing when we see there is another person in their house most likely a woman the husband is having affair with. Also, his wife takes the drug that seems to cause all of this. This will give us a clear indication of how long does it take for the drug to start acting up. It also puts people in the building in danger. Things will start becoming more dangerous.

Yoon Sae Bom is excited about having an apartment in this episode. It is just so nice to see her geeking out over the house and she does not have anything else on her mind. Interestingly, Jung Yi Hyun goes along with everything and there does not seem to be any unnecessary tension. He is happy enough to be with her. Yoon Sae Bom shares that her childhood was not easy so she always dreamt of having her apartment. This makes you smile and brings the good feels in Happiness k-drama episode 2.

Even though she seems unaffected by everything that has happened, she still has a nightmare of that recruit which wakes her up. Then they both notice sounds coming from the house above. In the morning Han Tae Seok calls Jung Yi Hyun to work. He also asks him to follow the drug chain and see who is the supplier. Meanwhile, Yoon Sae Bom along with her cute neighbor goes above to tell the doctors off for the ruckus they were causing in the middle of the night. Later when she and the girl go to the apartment gym, an issue comes to light. It seems that people who have the apartment in general sales can use all facilities and amenities, but the ones who are in public rentals cannot.

Yoon Sae Bom takes the kid away and they spend time in the park outside. It is another sweet moment from this episode that makes you smile. The Ost playing in the background captures the good vibes. Yoon Sae Bom’s friend cuts himself and then calls her to let her know he has a scratch. She assures him it will be alright and takes him to the facility for a check-up. During the check up, the medic notes that the cut looks like it is from a knife rather than a scratch. We know he has an actual scratch on his neck but weirdly he shows off his carefully made knife wound.

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When Yoon Sae Bom goes to withdraw her blood along with the medic, her friend makes a run for it. The medic lets Yoon Sae Bom know that infected people have risen in numbers. And due to shortage of space they keep the infected in storage refrigerators. This shocks her while we see her friend go inside the said storage place. What he sees shocks him but then he calls the reporter to ask for money saying he will send the proof. It looks like all of it was a plan to get him access to the facility. Yoon Sae Bom and the medic realize he is missing and they start searching for him.

On the other hand, Jung Yi Hyun is with Han Tae Seok and they meet up with the drug dealer. Shockingly enough the drug dealer has an infected person in chains in the trunk of his car. Seeing this shocks Jung Yi Hyun but Han Tae Seok shoots the person without missing a beat. Jung Yi Hyun feels angry about why he shot a person like that. For him to correlate a person with a monster after infection spreads is hard.

We see Yoon Sae Bom gets a call from her friend whose last words are ‘They are not humans’ The medic figures out that the guy is in the storage container. As the guards open it up, Yoon Sae Bom yells at them to close the doors. It is a terrifying scene we see in this episode that also leaves you with a grave reality that once infected there is no saving for these people.

Happiness k-drama episode 2 makes the series thrilling and scarier. It is the perfect start to a story that will keep you hooked for weeks!

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