My Name K-Drama Review – Underdog Show For The Win!

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My Name K-Drama starring Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon and Ahn Bo Hyun is a Netflix original TV series. The timing of the release is coincidentally ideal. People were still buzzing from Squid Game and eager to watch the next great K-Drama. This one is a treat to watch because there are eight episodes and a good revenge plot. There is a great deal of action that is executed brilliantly. But if you have a big list of dramas to watch, the question comes up whether you should give it a chance or not. Well, let’s find out!

My Name K-Drama


My Name k-drama is about how Yoon Ji Woo follows the path of revenge after witnessing her father’s murder. Her father is part of a notorious gang and she seeks help from the gang’s leader to find the killer. Choi Moo Jin is the leader of the biggest drug ring in Korea. He takes her under his wing and shapes her efficiently into someone capable of taking revenge. Yoon Ji Woo with a different identity becomes part of the police force to find out her father’s killer. Things are not as black and white as she thought, we see her navigating the police duties while also secretly being part of the crime ring.


Yoon Ji Woo
Yoon Ji Woo surprised me. Honestly, the tenacity this character has is something that leaves you shocked. After what happens to her father, she makes it a point to find the killer. The journey from a young girl who had nothing to do with the violent part of the world to a woman who becomes a weapon is amazing to watch. Her strength leaves you in awe because not only physically but mentally too she has to go through a lot of things. But not once does she waver in her goal. I liked that no lines were limiting enough for her to stick to the right side, she was ready to cross all of them to get what she wants.

Yoon Ji-Woo

Choi Moo Jin
Choi Moo Jin is ruthless. He leads organized crime with drugs and decides to help Yoon Ji Woo in the pursuit of her father’s killer. He is mysterious, you feel like what you see is what you get but that’s not true. I like that his character has more depth than just being a man who does bad things for money/power. Choi Moo Jin lives by his code where brothers he trusts are in his organization and everyone is family unless they betray that code. There’s also a slightly soft side to him and that shows up in his connection with Yoon Ji Woo.

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Choi Moo-Jin

Jeon Pil Do
Jeon Pil Do is an officer in the Narcotics team of the police department. He believes in his job and has the utmost faith in his team. He senses there is something different to Yoon Ji Woo and he follows his lead. But what amazes me is how quick he is in disregarding his doubts when it comes to Yoon Ji Woo. There are some blatant signs but in his way, he understands Yoon Ji Woo’s actions and feels the purpose behind them. Though he is not one to stray away from the legal way of doing things.

Jeon Pil-Do

Jung Tae Joo
Jung Tae Joo is an interesting character. Till the end of the series, I could not place him on any side. He is Choi Moo Jin’s right-hand man, yet his loyalties seemed to be torn at times. I like that this character keeps us guessing. Will he cross into the right side? Will we see him act according to his wishes? I think he is a smart character who knew how far a gamble can be taken before it crashes down.

Jung Tae-Joo

Partnership – We have two dynamics here!

Yoon Ji Woo & Choi Moo Jin
This is a complicated alliance. I say alliance because Yoon Ji Woo agreed to be part of Choi Moo Jin’s organization to get her closer to her father’s killer. But from the get-go Choi Moo Jin favors her, he takes interest in her, helps her in developing her skills. You can see it in two ways. One – He saw potential and he grabbed it to make an efficient addition to his organization. Two – He felt like he needed to look after her in some capacity after what happened to her father. Either way, it cannot be denied that it was not just business between them. Yoon Ji Woo cared about him because he shaped her into what she becomes. Her complete willingness to do things in favor of Choi Moo Jin makes him see her as more than an asset.

Yoon Ji Woo & Jeon Pil Do
This is more of an authentic connection. They both are on the same team but behind different lines. With Jeon Pil Do, Yoon Ji Woo experiences the right way to live a life. There was no one to guide her in the correct direction so she chased something she caught on to without giving up. Meeting Jeon Pil Do makes her more than just someone who exists for revenge. I like how Jeon Pil Do goes against his instincts and sees more to Yoon Ji Woo than what she portrays.

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What did I like about My Name k-drama?

The action, action scenes are the best! It is purely animalistic and exciting to watch. Mostly seeing Yoon Ji Woo as a badass is oddly satisfying. Who does not like an underdog story? Seeing Yoon Ji Woo transform into such a kickass fighter is so enjoyable. You find yourself rooting for her and it does not matter if she is helping the bad guys because you just want to be on her side. The strength of her character both physically and mentally is something you will come to appreciate as you move on in the story.

My Name K-Drama

It is insanely hard to go through what she did and come out at the top but she does it brilliantly. And no matter what happens on the way she manages to achieve her goal in the end she does not hold herself back which was shockingly good to see. Because her character in the end part of the story experiences horrific situations but she manages to make it through the hurt and pain. Her determination in fulfilling the goal is worthwhile to watch.


We have a plot twist, and I have to admit it was predictable. I think you see an obvious answer as you go three episodes in so it feels disheartening to know that you are right. Because so much could have been explored if things were different. But there is one aspect to the twist that was surprising. So kudos to that but then it just makes you extremely sad about what has happened so far. That was something I struggled with while watching My Name k-drama.


The theme song does a good job of making you feel both soft when it is needed but then making you feel the rage of the character and her grit to get through the situations.

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My Name (Feat. Swervy, JEMINN) – This song captures the action aspect, the thrill of what is to come, and the feelings hidden inside the characters. It makes you see how pitiful the characters are. You want to blame someone but it’s hard to do it as each of them had their reasons to do what they did.


I like that even though My Name k-drama is about revenge when it is achieved you are left feeling complicated. A part of you is happy for Yoon Ji Woo on fulfilling her goal and another part just feels hollow about what is left. I think binge-watching it will make you appreciate the drama more because then everything hits you back to back. You do not have the time to feel let down and excitingly enjoy the drama!

My Name K-Drama is available on Netflix

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