Happiness K-Drama Episode 4 [Review] – Vampire X Mad Dog Disease!

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In Happiness k-drama episode 4, we see the virus in a different light, something that reminds us of vampires. The virus is called the “Mad Dog Disease” because people end up biting each other. Bites and scratches are the reasons you could get infected. Let’s dive into this episode and see what I am talking about!

We see Jung Yi Hyun taking off with the doctor in handcuffs while the manager is still left inside the apartment. It feels like she has some other agenda, whether it is simply related to money or something else. We will have to wait to find out about that. Jung Yi Hyun’s partner delivers some rice cakes to the sweet girl’s house. The old lady again tries to tell her husband about witnessing the doctor’s wife, but she gets interrupted. It would be ironic if the family became her victims. A couple is finishing off work in an apartment, and they have a young guy working with them. He is in a mask, and his actions make you feel he is an interesting character.

After the doctor runs away while Jung Yi Hyun and Yoon Sae Bom are hugging, he calls his lawyer neighbour for consultation. I like the various characters we have here. Before anything happens, Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun catch up with him. There is also another character revealed in Happiness K-Drama episode 4 who is a single woman living in an apartment, and her brother has come to visit her. Finally, the announcement happens, and people in the apartments realise they are in lockdown. It affects the residents differently. The girl who became friends with Yoon Sae Bom’s mother cannot make it inside. That means Yoon Sae Bom will have to take care of her, and she also has a medical condition.

The doctor feels overjoyed about the lockdown because he gets to go back to his house. But Jung Yi Hyun keeps him handcuffed to the bedroom dresser. He does this for the manager’s safety, who stays back in the apartment. I think it would be no surprise if she flipped sides. Yoon Sae Bom meets with Han Tae Seok and asks for permission to let the young girl out. But he lets her know that her parents also took the drug to help them do work. This means she is much safer with Yoon Sae Bom.

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The residents of the building where the doctor lives meet up in the gym to have a video meeting with the medic. It looks like all the other buildings have distanced themselves from these residents. The medic informs them that the lockdown will be for a week and food will be provided to them. This causes an uproar, but Jung Yi Hyun calms them down by asking them to follow the rules and assuring them that things will get better.

Funnily, each man is out there for himself and talks about how they should quarantine people who come into contact with the doctor’s wife. The old lady’s husband finally gets to know that his wife was one of them. Even in the face of danger, the resident representative has her own thing going on, and the lawyer’s wife does a pitch for her husband’s work. After everyone leaves, Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun confront the gym trainer about the drug. He is not forthcoming with his information and he keeps drinking water. As people who show the signs of infection get thirsty, this casts suspicion on him.

They lock him up in the room and take away the water cooler to see if he can survive a night without it. Outside the room, they meet with three workers who did not get to leave during the lockdown. Among them is the guy with a mask who calls himself Andrew. He has a mark or scar on his face, and that’s why he keeps wearing a mask. Even on his ID card, there is no clear photo of him. This brings him into the limelight. He is a character you should remember. Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun arranged accommodation for them.

Not surprisingly, the manager of the doctor’s wife backs off from her statement. Han Tae Seok orders Jung Yi Hyun to stop the old lady’s son from streaming live. He threatens to cut off the internet and cable. This is a scary notion to think that they have to be confined to a place and restricted so much. The old lady’s husband checks on her wife but she says she is alright. It’s absurd that if you suspect you have the virus, you won’t tell anyone because you’re afraid of how you’ll be treated or discarded.

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Sleeping arrangements are fun. Jung Yi Hyun and his partner sleep in the bedroom while Yoon Sae Bom and the girl sleep in the living room. Jung Yi Hyun sulks about not making a breakthrough in his relationship. Well, slow and steady wins the race. I am sure the way he always comes to save her will make her see him in a different light eventually. Yoon Sae Bom has a complicated relationship with her mother. Her backstory could help us to understand how she is the only one so far who did not get the virus even after a scratch.

Jung Yi Hyun wonders about Han Tae Seok’s assault case. It looks like the chairman he assaulted is now inside a padded room much like the one Han Tae Seok’s wife is in. Han Tae Seok finds out that the chairman was the one who let the drugs into the market. He is the reason for the virus outbreak.

The chairman is infected and this was a countermeasure on his part to make sure that a cure would be found. People will be looking into the cure more efficiently when the damage is greater. Just when you think he looks normal, he suddenly goes into zombie mode and knowingly bites the guard beside him. It is like he is not doing this in a frenzy or unawareness, but rather he is simply quenching his thirst. This is what makes me think we can say there is a bit of vampire behavior. He is super conscious of what he is doing and, after getting the blood, he is going to feel satiated by it. Now, this is scary because if he can be like that, does that mean there can be others who can live with this virus?

People who can control it and be conscious about it. More than the crazy, the possibility of controlled people is daunting. Back in the apartment, the residents get ready for their meal’s arrival. Surprisingly, the other building residents locked the building where Yoon Sae Bom lives. While others try and ask them to not do this, Yoon Sae Bom faces off with the gun. These unexpected things are what I like about her character. You just never know with her. The meals look relatively nice, and Yoon Sae Bom, the girl, Jung Yi Hyun, and his partner go to the rooftop to eat. It is a small piece of happiness amidst the craziness. It is nice to see them have these moments.

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Yoon Sae Bom realises she did not give the meal to the gym trainer. But when she and Jung Yi Hyun reach the gym room, they don’t find him. Looking for him, they get to the parking lot and call out for him. In another building, at the elevator, they see blood, which makes them run to their building. They also see the gym trainer in a car doing something, and they tell him to come. Just as they get to their building, the gym trainer follows them through and the door closes. While Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun are leaving, they hear sounds and see a man with bloody hands beating at the door asking for help. And right at the next moment, an infected person comes to bite him. It is a bit jarring as they can’t do anything to help him.

We see Andrew, the young worker, without his mask, looking down from a balcony. He sees the blood on a curtain in the opposite building. He also sees the people running and biting each other on the ground. But he seems to be enjoying the clouds. Now that makes things very interesting. What is his story? Is he going to be a problematic character? Hopefully, we do not have to wait long to find out. Also, the old lady checks her scratch on the back of her neck, which tells us for sure she has the infection. In the lobby, Yoon Sae Bom, Jung Yi Hyun, the gym trainer, a worker, and the resident’s brother are in. Lucky for them, the doors are closed, but through the glass, they can see the chaos that is taking place outside.

An infected zombie-looking person comes close to the door looking at the people inside, and it makes things very real. Han Tae Seok lets Yoon Sae Bom know that the other buildings are done for. There are too many infected. Happiness K-Drama episode 4 ends with Yoon Sae Bom looking at the stairs inside the building. Is something or someone coming down? At least if they close all the entry points to their building, things can be controlled. But they are still unpredictable, like the old lady, the worker guy, and the residents who only want to save their skins. Things will get more challenging from now on! But we know our perfect combo can handle it well, and hopefully, Han Tae Seok will come up with something! Stay tuned!

Happiness k-drama episode 4 is available on Rakuten Viki.

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