My Hero Academia Episode 107 – Appalling Truth Comes Out!

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My Hero Academia episode 107 could be a tear-jerker for some of you because it hits you hard. It starts well with our Class 1-A students together after their winter break. It looks like only three months are remaining for the first year to be over. Iida and Yaoyorozu welcome their classmates and inform them that everyone will get a chance to demonstrate what they learned during their work studies. This will be exciting, as each of them has improved a lot when it comes to their quirks and power moves as we saw in the combat battle training. But how far did they go from there? That will be interesting to see. Everyone’s hyped up about it. Suddenly Aizawa gets called to the staff room.

My Hero Academia Episode 107

All Might greets the kids instead of Aizawa which makes the students question him. We see Aizawa and Present Mic are in a car traveling somewhere. Looking at their expressions and their thoughts you understand that it is a grave situation. Something serious has happened which shaken them and it is scary to watch. Because at this point you do not know what is happening. Present Mic tries to keep his cool but hearing his voice you realize he is as affected as Aizawa. They both make their way to Tartarus – Special Prison for the villains.

They take Aizawa and Present Mic to see Kurogiri. Informing them that all methods to gain information from him have failed and he completely shuts down when they try anything. They urgently require information on the League of Villains, and their study reveals that the warp gate is a result of multiple quirks. But the base quirk, the body on which the medical transformation happened is of a U.A High School student Oboro Shirakumo who had died many years ago. My Hero Academia episode 107 shows a flashback where see Oboro, Aizawa, and Present Mic as young students. Looks like they were a trio and did all the things together.

Oboro wanted the three of them to open a hero agency when they graduated. But he died during their work-study after getting stuck under rubble. Present Mic furiously wonders why did this happen, how can their friend be turned into a Nomu. To which Gran Torino recalls All For one’s words about how U.A. High has the best quality quirks. It is genuinely such a horrible realization that this was happening under their noses and no one had any idea about it. He states you cannot find the reasoning behind evil actions and that is true. Sometimes evil things just happen with no reason whatsoever and trying to find an understanding behind it is a lost cause.

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Aizawa tells them that if they were hoping for a miracle because of their connection to Oboro then it will be disappointing. Gran Torino tells them about the Nomu that fought with Endeavor. That Nomu had a distinct personality of fighting strong people. After their analysis, they found out that the body belonged to an underground street fighter. This demonstrates that some aspects of the human remain after it has been transformed into a puppet. Aizawa points out that he faced Kurogiri during the U.S.J incident and nothing happened then. Gran Torino believes that was a test to see if they successfully altered the memories of the body they are using.

Aizawa and Present Mic face Kurogiri. Tsukauchi asks them to reawaken his memories and talk about Oboro. Present mic feels this is a laughable situation. He does not believe anything will come out of this. But Tsukauchi lets them know that if it does not work out, then they will have to call Oboro’s parents. This lights up a fire inside Aizawa, he does not want this horrible truth to wreck his friend’s family. He uses Erasure and gets ready to do this.

Kurogiri awakens and is surprised about seeing Aizawa and Present Mic. He asks about Tomura and wants to know if Tomura is alright or did something happen. Aizawa questions him whether he is worried about Tomura. To which Kurogiri says yes because he must look after Tomura Shigaraki. A couple of things happen at the same time, while Present Mic is aggravated with his response, Aizawa notices something in the way he speaks. When Kurogiri says that he is not the type to abandon someone and not take care of, this brings a strong emotion out of Aizawa.

Aizawa starts talking about a memory he recalls when Oboro took care of the cat he ignored. He claims that he was only half-hearted in his efforts, but that Oboro was always there to help him. Guide him through things and hold his hand while doing stuff without worrying about the future. He tells the reason he is so strict with his students is because of Oboro. The whole expulsion and re-enrolling thing Aizawa does with his students is for them to understand the difference between laying one’s life and self-sacrifice. He wants to give them a ‘death’ they can strive to overcome.

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Aizawa is emotional and he informs Kurogiri that he does not want his students to be like him who does not value their life for justice but he wants them to be a hero like Oboro who motivates others. At this point, we see Aizawa is crying and yelling at Kurogiri with all his feelings that they can become heroes. It is painful to watch because we know he is talking to his friend Oboro at that moment. He sees Kurogiri and he knows what he is doing but the words coming out from inside him are only for Oboro. It is affecting Kurogiri as his brain waves are going haywire. We see the smoke grows as they ask who created Nomus and where. Aizawa and Present Mic keep calling out Oboro’s name to not loosen the impact.

Kurogiri resists and comes to his normal state saying his name is Kurogiri but then suddenly the smoke stretches out and Oboro’s face is slightly visible. It feels like Oboro is calling to Aizawa and struggling to say something. He only can say the word Hospital and then suddenly the smoke dissolves pulling Kurogiri to his natural state. And he shuts down completely. It is emotionally traumatic for Aizawa and Present Mic to go through this. To see a glimpse of their friend but to know that nothing good can ever come out of this. It is also a painful realization that even after death their friend must have suffered a lot.

At the end of My Hero Academia episode 107, Aizawa apologizes for not getting more information out of Kurogiri. But Tsukauchi assures him that this is enough. Gran Torino also feels sorry for all this ordeal and promises to make it up to them. Aizawa is concerned about the reason behind the Nomus, Gran Torino thinks back to All for One’s words. The way All For One describes the taste of the quirks as a wine. Gran Torino declares that they need to do everything they can so there will be no more victims. Tsukauchi lets the Public Safety Commission President know about what they acquired. She then passes on the information to Hawks in a code language under the ruse of a Hero request. This delights Hawks and he thinks about how all things are falling into place.

On the other hand, we see a scene where a doctor is excitedly rambling about giving birth to their biggest creation yet. Someone who is in complete control and has infinite power. We see he is operating on none other than Tomura Shigaraki. This is ominous but rings true to the information the heroes have with them. The hospital keyword has to do with what is happening to Tomura. And if they figure out things before the operation is completely successful then it will be highly beneficial to the heroes. Or else the future is looking real bleak.

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The preview for the next episode lets us know the focus is on villains. The episode name ‘The Villain Academia’ itself garners a lot of attention. So far we have seen our heroes improving, learning new things it’s time for the Villains now! This will be fascinating to watch so stay tuned!

You can watch My Hero Academia episode 107 on Crunchyroll

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