My Hero Academia Episode 104 – Something to Protect!

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My Hero Academia episode 104 starts by giving us a little flashback of what happened in the previous episode. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki had a hard time catching up to Endeavor on their first day of work. Each of them receives input on what things they need to work on. Even though these bits from the last episode are exciting but we cannot forget the over-looming threat of the Meta Liberation Army. It makes you focus on every aspect of the training the students undergo because you know what they will have to face and it will not be an easy feat. My Hero Academia episode 104 gives us a little reprieve from the heavy nature of the arc Season 5 will be following now.

We see how all the students are busy doing their work studies. Uraraka and Asui have paired up and are working under Ryukyu Agency with one of the Big Three, Nejire. Uraraka shows off her new costume to her teammates. When Nejire asks her about the reason behind it her memory flashes back to the combat battle training where she stopped Midoriya from creating havoc. It is interesting that even though Uraraka was able to save Midoriya with her quick thinking at that time still she felt she was lacking in certain aspects and made sure to work upon them. The heroes at the Ryukyu Agency watch the news where it shows a Trigger Factory in Kaflin caught fire. The trigger is an illegal drug that spikes up your quirk enhancing your powers.

My Hero Academia Episode 104

It is the same drug we see Red Riot deals with when he was working with Fat Gum during the Shie Hassaikai arc. We know how the drug increases the quirk making it harder for the heroes to deal with the dosed villains. One of the heroes at the Ryukyu agency notifies the other that the chemicals used to make the drug are missing and they were stolen right before the fire. It makes Ryukyu think that the fire at the factory could be a ploy to clear the evidence and take away the items. On the other hand, we see Selkie and Sirius with the Oki Mariner Crew are following a suspicious unidentified ship in the waters. When they get too close to it, the villain on the ship injects himself with the Trigger drug and creates a smokescreen leading them to escape.

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Sirius calculates the ship being around the Verzie Islands. Selkie then remarks that with the villains having the drug they will need more members to fight off and cover more ground. He puts up a request to the Ryukyu Agency asking for a team-up. Ryukyu takes along Nejire, Uraraka, and Asui for this mission. If you remember Asui did an internship with Selkie and Sirius for her last work-study. One thing that I bet you cannot forget about that certain episode is Selkie’s Kawaii side which we get to see in My Hero Academia episode 104 as well. I like how his overly cute action lightens up the atmosphere. Asui expresses her gratitude towards Sirius and Selkie for teaching her what it means to be a hero. It is nice to see them meet again and working together.

My Hero Academia Episode 104

Surprisingly Selkie allows the girls to have some downtime. We see Uraraka, Asui, Nejire, and Sirius are hanging out together near the water. Ryukyu is startled by this but Selkie tells her they need to have time away from the stress of being a Hero. Also that it is likely the villains will move in the nighttime. Looking at the young students Ryukyu remarks that they certainly need moments like this the happiness which drives them to protect it at all costs. In a way it is true, even with us there are moments when we need to recharge ourselves before getting back to the grind again. And what drives us when things get harder? The moments of happiness we receive from doing things we love – Like watching BNHA!

Selkie manages to get on the ship with Asui and tackles down the villain using the smokescreen. He then goes to the control room and lets the others know that he has control of the ship. But suddenly a cargo plane flies away from the ship and the heroes realize the chemicals are in it. Asui tries to get hold of the plane but her tongue is not long enough.

Even Ryukyu is not able to catch up as the difference in speed is too much. Selkie wonders if this is it but Sirius lets him know they cannot give up. She launches Uraraka towards the plane. We see how Uraraka thinks back again to the moment where she held on to Midoriya during the Black whip episode. But this time she thinks about how she will handle it differently. She launches a rope from her costume towards the plane and with the help of it gets inside it. She uses Gunhead Martial arts to attack the Villain and honestly I love when she does it. Her character development shows how she is not just relying on her quirk but defending herself using other methods.

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My Hero Academia Episode 104

Though Uraraka manages to knock out the villain on the plane, it becomes difficult for her to control the plane. She cannot abandon it as it is likely to crash and chemicals will be spilled in the ocean. Ryukyu asks her to use her gravity power on the plane to make it weightless. But Uraraka hesitates as she is not sure if it will work out. Ryukyu reminds her that she cannot give up. She helps Nejire to slow down the plane and Uraraka manages to make the plane weightless. With this mission gets completed. While the girls are relaxing again Ryukyu and Selkie talk about the reason behind the chemicals being stolen. The only information they receive is that the villains’ end goal was reaching Otheon, the country of Europe. They feel glad that they stopped it.

A scene plays out, post-credits, where a mysterious man comments about how it is alright that they lost the chemicals because they already have enough of the drug. Is he part of the army Tomura prepared? Or another villain who has his plans to bring salvation to humanity? In a way, if it’s a different villain then things get complicated as the attack can happen anytime. It may also force heroes to show their plans beforehand than the actual attack Tomura planned. This will likely give an edge to the Villains. We will have to wait and see this mysterious man’s role.

My Hero Academia Episode 104

It looks like the boys will meet the Todoroki family and get to experience some dark truths? I am excited about it because it will be interesting to see the Todoroki family through Midoriya’s eyes. He always has a penchant for saying the right things for difficult times. So yes it will be delightful to see that!

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