My Hero Academia Episode 105 – Forgiveness Is Hard To Come By!

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My Hero Academia episode 105 focuses on the Todoroki family. It takes us on a painful journey from the start when all went wrong with the family to the end how the family is trying to mend ways but it is hard. Before that, we get to see Bakugo, Midoriya, and Shoto carry out their work-study under Endeavor. Their goal is to catch up to Endeavor and beat him once in arresting a villain. It is not an easy feat, we see them struggling to keep up with him. Every time it feels they are only a step behind but the distance between them and Endeavor seems too far. But our boys are not disheartened, they acknowledge their progress however little it may be. Midoriya notes that every day by working little by little they are reaching their goal.

My Hero Academia Episode 105

He has a recurring dream where he sees his family – Shoto, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Rei together at a table eating happily. But he is nowhere to be seen. He also understands that if this comes to reality he only has himself to blame because of the way he treated Shoto when he was young. Also when Shoto got hurt by his mother but the action falls back on Endeavor. All of these things are hard to forgive. He recalls a conversation with Fuyumi where he gets to know that Shoto is talking to his mother again. He hears the plea, the hope in Fuyumi’s voice when she wishes her family to be together again.

My Hero Academia Episode 105

But as we know the last trial of family dinner after Endeavor’s big fight did not go well. Natsuo was still reluctant and angry with Endeavor to treat him any better. And even Shoto only acknowledged him as a Hero but not as a father. Also when the work-study started he made a clear distinction. All of this feels like his choice to become a decent father now is a little too late attempt. He also recalls his conversation with All Might about the Symbol of Peace. All Might tells him for him the idea he was running towards was different. But for Endeavor to follow through as the Number 1 he needs to find his reason. Why protect? It seems simple because you are a hero so you protect others.

What more reason could Endeavor think beyond this? And why does he need to? It’s because when the reason is personal it gives you the extra push. Being a hero in this world is a duty that every hero follows through. When you find the reason that makes you want to push yourself beyond the limits that’s when you can become a true Number 1 hero. I think somewhere Endeavor is still trying to understand his reasoning, so he keeps thinking about all these past moments.

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Burnin looks at the kids and realizes how they already have the grit to get through things and achieve their goals. They again start on their work-study following Endeavor’s lead but also trying to surpass him. Endeavor teaches them gives them advice as he does his job swiftly. The difference between a proper hero and a hero in learning shows here. Later Endeavor takes the kids sneakily to his home for dinner. Fuyumi is happy about their arrival and greets them. Midoriya is nervous and starts rambling. He gives out apologies for hurting Shoto in the Sports Festival when he hears that Fuyumi watched the fight.

My Hero Academia Episode 105

At the dinner table, all are seated and Fuyumi again takes initiative to formally introduce everyone. Natsuo is also there and Endeavor does not say much but the atmosphere is tense. Both Midoriya and Bakugo can feel it. Midoriya tries to lighten the mood by praising the food and analyzing the cooking much to Bakugo’s annoyance. Fuyumi adds to the chatter and lets them know Natsuo also cooks. Endeavor is surprised by this and he comments about wanting to eat Natsuo’s cooking. This gets too much for Natsuo, he comments about how he can’t do this anymore and leaves. Midoriya notices how this affects Fuyumi.

Then we see Endeavor washing dishes while Bakugo and Midoriya are putting the dirty dishes away. They both talk about the uneasy atmosphere. Midoriya learns that Bakugo also knows about their family details. They happen to hear the conversation between Fuyumi and Shoto. Fuyumi talks about how she understands the anger Natsuo has and she relates to it. It is not easy for her to forgive too. But the urge of wanting her family back is much stronger and she hopes that Shoto will also work towards it. Shoto talks about their mother recovering and how he honestly does not know what to do regarding Endeavor.

It is a fair situation because Shoto cannot forget what happened to him so he wants to hold on to that anger. He has changed a lot over time from how he only wanted to use ice to now where he accepted to work with Endeavor for his fireside. There is a part of him maybe that is acknowledging how things can get better. But also it is hard to choose that part because he held on to the hatred for so long. During this heavy conversation, Bakugo barges in and comments how they should not be having such talks when guests are invited. I love how in his way he tries to lighten up the mood.

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Midoriya notes that Shoto is getting ready so he can forgive Endeavor. This shocks Shoto, Midoriya then continues with how it is alright to not forgive Endeavor if he truly hates his father. But Midoriya states how Shoto is a kind person so he is more likely to wait and see how it goes. Truly everyone needs a friend like Midoriya who can put things into perspective. Also who just sees you for who you are. This statement shocks all of the Todoroki family members. Natsuo gets emotional hearing this because it hurts maybe to see Shoto reach a point where he might forgive Endeavor. And where does that leave Natsuo? Can he do the same?

My Hero Academia Episode 105

All these feelings are so complicated. We see Endeavor wondering what can he do for his family because he needs to do something. He is at the altar looking at a picture frame and thinking about his dream and wishes that Toya could have been with them. Maybe the struggle Natsuo is going through could be part of whatever happened with Toya. After My Hero Academia episode 105 ends, we see a hooded man who smiles evilly looking at Endeavor’s fight on a screen.

We do not know who this is but the preview of the next episode gives us some understanding.
This hooded man has a grudge against Endeavor and he is going for his family. Maybe this is the push that the Todoroki family needed, Endeavor to fight to keep his family safe. What he did is horrible but sometimes when time passes and you are at a better place and see that person making amends maybe the relationship can be salvageable. We have to wait and see though. Get ready for Endeavor to fight with putting all his feelings on the line!

My Hero Academia episode 105 also features new opening and ending songs. The opening song is titled “Merry-Go-Round” by Man with a Mission.

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The ending song is titled “Uso ja nai” by Soshi Sakiyama.

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