My Hero Academia Episode 106 – True Atonement!

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In My Hero Academia episode 106, we see Endeavor realizing the meaning behind his dream and the true way he can atone for his past actions. The mysterious villain from the previous episode is someone whom Endeavor arrested years ago. Looks like he got released from prison after serving his sentence and researched about Endeavor in detail. Endeavor fascinates him which makes the villain wants to instigate him. So he injects himself with the Trigger drug that increases the quirk power and follows Natsuo from his home.

Inside the Todoroki household, Fuyumi explains to Midoriya and Bakugo how Natsuo blames Endeavor for Toya their older brother’s death. This information surprises Midoriya and Shoto accepts that he did not know how to share this information. Fuyumi talks about her mother’s condition and the hopeful feeling when Shoto started to visit her. It is sad how divided the siblings feel on Endeavor’s issue. All Fuyumi wants is her family together, Shoto looks like he can try or is willing to try but for Natsuo, it just is not possible.

The boys leave the house along with Endeavor. It is sweet how Fuyumi expresses gratitude to Midoriya for being a good friend to Shoto. On the other hand, Natsuo is walking alone while on a call and suddenly gets attacked by white lines. In the car during the ride back to the agency, Endeavor informs the boys they will be working for two days even during the school week. This prompts Midoriya to think about the finals. While Midoriya is asking for help from Shoto, Bakugo is more focused on how cramped it is in the back of the car. To which Endeavor’s driver responds swiftly. He sure looks like an interesting character.

Suddenly the car is attacked by white lines and they notice Natsuo is trapped in it. This springs them into action. While the driver makes sure to not let the car be hit by the white lines, Endeavor gets out and follows the villain. The villain whose name is Ending asks Endeavor if he remembers him. Endeavor realizes he is one of the villains he put away in jail. Ending talks about Endeavor with reverence. He states that there is only one decision that is under our control the way we die. He talks about how heroes are not allowed to kill anyone. But knowing that Endeavor killed Nomu in the last battle, Ending wants that for himself. His wish is for Endeavor to kill him.

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To fulfill this wish he took Natsuo so that Endeavor has enough rage for wanting to kill him although a hero should not kill. Hurting one’s family is bound to be the last straw for anyone. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto burst out of the car, Endeavor’s driver provides them with their hero costumes. The boys get in action right away as Ending uses Whitelines to attack them. It looks like they are putting Endeavor’s advice into action and doing pretty well at it. It is exciting to see them work it out. But then we see Endeavor pulling into a stop suddenly while chasing Ending. The scared look on Natsuo’s face when Endeavor rushed ahead makes him hesitate.

And the best thing ever happens. The boys pull through get ahead of Endeavor and deal with the villain Ending on their own. Shoto gets ready to attack him but Ending puts Natsuo in harm’s way and also attacks the other vehicles on the road. He endangers the bypassers making sure that the heroes cannot protect everyone. The boys work through this hurdle beautifully, their coordination is perfect. Bakugo uses his power blast to get to Natsuo and save him. While Midoriya rushes to the vehicles attacked by the white lines and attempts his Blackwhip move. Surprisingly we see him acing it getting hold of the vehicles using the Blackwhip and slowly lowering them to the ground.

Shoto uses his firey punch and then traps Ending using his ice. Everyone is safe and the Villain is also secured in minutes. The boys have done a tremendously good job without missing a beat. This jolts Endeavor out of his trance, and he marvels at how much they’ve improved in just a week. Dedication and perseverance got these boys where they are now. Endeavor rushes towards Natsuo and Bakugo and hugs them both. Bakugo slowly gets out of the hug and checks with Shoto and Midoriya about their status. He gloats about their success to Endeavor after ensuring that the Villain is secure and that the people are safe. It was Endeavor’s challenge that boys need to arrest a villain before he does. And leave it to Bakugo to bring this up right after they finish doing it.

Not even the fact that Endeavor is emotional about his son’s attack makes him consider the situation. Well, we love that about him. Endeavor, to his astonishment, silently praises them for stepping in and finishing the job when he could not. Natuso breaks away from Endeavor, Endeavor confesses to him that he felt like he could not be the one to save him. Endeavor knows that Natsuo will not talk to him ever if Endeavor had saved him. He then goes ahead and talks about how he never shunned them as kids. He only ran away from his responsibility as a father and he feels responsible for Toya’s death.

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For Endeavor being a hero is a matter of pride, naturally, the type of personality he had, made him focus on Shoto. He was hungry for power and maintaining the pride of a hero. He was so intent on achieving his goal that he neglected his other responsibilities. Natsuo tells him that even if he wants to believe this he just cannot forgive him. He also points out that he is not as kind as Shoto. Midoriya’s words surely hit him hard.

Endeavor to everyone’s surprise refutes Natsuo’s statement. He mentions how Natsuo makes an attempt to show up for the family gathering for Fuyumi’s sake and that shows how kind he is. Endeavor lets him know it is okay to not forgive him and he will atone for his actions. This statement has an emotional impact on Natsuo. The pressure for him to forgive is too much and he wonders what could Endeavor possibly do to atone. Ending looks at the scene in front of him and shockingly bawls his eyes out. It seems for him to see his idol in the given state is not acceptable.

Finally, the police comes and takes away the villain. Endeavor’s driver expresses concern over the recent attacks on how the darkness keeps coming. This makes Endeavor look at his interns and say that the light will not go away. He sees hope in the form of the students and after the fight with Ending it only adds to the feeling. Natsuo thanks the boys and asks Bakugo for his hero name. Looks like Bakugo has figured out his hero name but he wants to share it first with a certain someone. I assume it could be Best Jeanist, as during the Christmas party Bakugo talks about how he wants to work with him to show his improved performance. So it is highly likely that he wants to share his hero name first with Best Jeanist.

Endeavor takes Natsuo home and lets Fuyumi know about the attack and how Shoto and his friends saved Natsuo. Endeavor acknowledges that Fuyumi is doing all the work to get their family together under one roof. He promises her that a house will be created where she can bring Rei and the rest of the kids will be able to live there. When Fuyumi asks what about him, this makes Endeavor think about the recurring dream he keeps on having. In the dream, he sees his family at the dining table happily together without him. With a new understanding, he tells Fuyumi he will stay back in the current house. It must have been hard for Endeavor to reach this conclusion but it perfectly makes sense.

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Like Natsuo pointed out, Endeavor wanting to atone and in the same breath hoping his family will be right alongside him is a selfish notion. To truly atone the past actions he needs to let go of his needs and put the family’s needs first. By removing him from the equation the pressure on them to forgive Endeavor breaks and it gives them breathing space. This action shows us how much Endeavor has changed. Hopefully, it will help the Todoroki family in the long run.

The preview for the next episode shows that the kids are back in school and honestly I missed seeing the other students. It will be nice to see them all together. Though there is also an ominous feeling attached to the preview. At least there is some assurance in the students working out their moves perfectly. Let us see how it goes!

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