Flower of Evil – Review

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Starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, Flower of Evil is a drama about a character whose hidden identity comes at risk when his detective wife starts investigating a murder case searching for the notorious ‘Serial Killer’. Exciting enough? Well, this has barely scratched the surface of what the drama is about.

Flower of Evil – K Drama (16 episodes)
Thrilling, Exciting, Intense, Romance-filled Drama.
This K-Drama has it all.

I remember being so amped up when I saw the trailer and learned that this was the plot surrounding the Drama. I dived in right away, which killed me because at that time it was ongoing and every episode ended on such an anxious and nail-biting note. But Lucky for you folks, if you are reading this and you haven’t watched it then You can keep your heart intact and Binge-Watch this Drama!!

It starts with a bang on, shocking scene which then cuts down and we are taken to the flashback where our main characters Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are having a loving moment. This opening scene Present and Past sets down the tone of their relationship throughout this drama. Even when things get tough, you can see the love and the affection that these two characters have for each other which grips your heart and makes you feel for them.

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It’s a loving family of three – Yes, we have Baek Eun Ha, their daughter who is undoubtedly the real star of this Drama. Her character is so endearing and brings a softness to this Suspense filled drama surrounding rather a heavy plot.

Baek Hee Sung has a tragic past which is hidden along with the fact that he has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This has been portrayed amazingly by Lee Joon Gi. The way you see this character pushing himself to appear normal in his interactions with others sets a chill inside you as opposed to when you see him interacting with his family and you are left feeling only warm. The duality is scary and thrilling.

The Drama is amazingly fast paced in the best way possible because in every episode you are left shook with things happening. The best part is it’s a 16-episode full-length drama, each episode takes you on the edge of the seat and intense nerve-wracking ride of your life while watching it and you are left with no clue whatsoever of where the story is going. Isn’t that enticing?

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I love Cha Ji Won, her character is so strong when it comes to dealing with the revelations behind her husband’s identity and her love for him, the struggle, the pain felt by her touches your heart. Moon Chae Won’s acting is flawless. There are certain aspects of the character’s personality which I honestly liked, the way she dealt with the truth and didn’t do anything stupid right away when confronted with crazy reveals gave me so much relief while watching the show.

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I can assure you won’t feel frustrated (like we normally do with female leads of dramas) with the actions she’ll take because they are sane. Along with her, we have other characters who make you question whether they are a friend or a foe? Leading to very surprising results.


The Ost adds to the beautiful cinematography of the drama and makes the essence of the scenes much more real. My personal favourites are

  • Feel You by Shin Young Jae captures their love for each other despite the pain of the truth hanging over their heads.
  • In My Heart by Limyeon captures their relationship from the start to finish despite the struggles, despite what they believe, the love is clear, and you can see and feel that. What they have is special.
    -Psycho by Doko, AH just listening to this song pumps you up and gives you goosebumps. It sets a crazy, scary, and creepy tone leaving you with chills.


As Flower of Evil is so unpredictable, I believe it’s better to watch it without reading much about the story in general, so the suspense is kept, and the shock value is felt when you uncover the story while watching it. So just dive right in and let it consume you and give you the best experience ever!!

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