Hospital Playlist K-Drama – Wholesome, Heartwarming, and Feel Good!

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Hospital Playlist K-Drama will make you feel happy, emotional and give a sense of nostalgia when it comes to friendship. This Drama is bound to leave you with all kinds of warm fuzzies!

Hospital Playlist K-Drama

Starring Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi Do; this K-Drama revolves around five best friends who are doctors by profession. It is a heartfelt drama surrounding the theme of friendship, family, love, and the lives of people working in the medical field.


Lee Ik Jun, Ahn Jung Won, Kim Jun Wan, Yang Seok Hyeong, and Chae Song Hwa have been friends since their years together in medical school back in 1999.

Circumstances happen in a way that leads these five friends to work together in the same hospital. Seok Hyeong has an urge to start a band and tries persuading the others into forming one. It’s a joy to see these characters getting together even when their work is busy and hectic. Eventually, everyone agrees to be part of the band and with this, we see in this drama how they do their job sincerely but still make time for other things in life.


Lee Ik Jun is a professor of General Surgery. He is a friendly person and is always goofing around with others. The relationship with his son is the most adorable one in this drama. I loved every time their scenes came up on the show. It just makes you adore these two. He also plays cupid for other couples and his character generates a sense of warmth in you. The way he interacts with his patients and observes their cues so that he can make them comfortable makes you like this character.

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Ahn Jung Won is a professor of Pediatric Surgery. His character is so expressive when it comes to his patients. He loves kids and that makes it harder when things go wrong while surgery. He has his heart on the sleeve when it comes to his job but with his personal life, we see that he is much more guarded. I think he is the softest of the group and has a good heart.

Kim Jun Wan is a professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery. His nickname in the hospital is ‘Thanos’. He is blunt and comes off as someone strict with the way things are done. As you continue watching, you see there are more layers to him, and he is considerate of his patients in his way. I loved his interactions with Do Jae Hak who is a chief resident of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Their banter is fun and the way the dynamics of their friendship evolves throughout this drama is one thing to look for.

Yang Seok Hyeong is a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is the calmest of the group who likes to enjoy his alone time. Mostly he feels comfortable within his friends’ group and thus wanted to form a band for fun. I liked the way he takes care of his mother and is considerate towards his patients. He is not outwardly affectionate, but his mindfulness of others makes his character endearing.

Chae Son Hwa is a professor of Neurosurgery. I love her character because she’s diligent with her job and also takes time out to do things she loves. It’s like she’s an all-rounder, giving her all in every aspect of her life. She is caring towards the people she’s working with. I like how she has a fun side too. Her character surprised me in a good way. One of the hilarious moments that made me feel like I wanted to continue watching this drama was her singing.

The best part of Hospital Playlist k-drama is even though it is about these five characters, the story flows in such a way that you will form a connection with the supporting characters too. This makes the drama-watching experience much more gratifying.


Friendship is the main theme of Hospital Playlist and they have done a superb job showcasing it. As you see our five main characters interacting with each other, spending time with each other, goofing around together even in their 40’s it generates a sense of warmth in you. Knowing that they have been friends for so long and still are in each other’s lives gives you a happy feeling. Their friendship is pure and fun. The dynamics they have between each other are entertaining to see. Every time you see all five of them together you can’t help but feel delighted.


Two of my favorite parts of Hospital Playlist k-drama are whenever all of them get together to eat and when they do their band practice. In both scenes, at times they will crack you up but mostly you feel content watching these scenes play out in front of you. You feel the bond they have with each other and appreciate the act of friendship.

Hospital Playlist Eating


Here we see the family relationship in many ways. We see it in the form of Jung Won and his mother’s relationship. His mother is a strong and funny character and the way she deals with Jung Won is very entertaining. We see it with the staff in the hospital, nurses’, resident doctors’ personal lives where we are shown glimpses into their story. Most importantly its shown with the help of the patients who visit the hospital. Every time things get serious, and you see a family sitting in the waiting room praying for things to go alright, your heart feels scared right along with them. And the moment when things finally turn out well, you are left crying happily because it is relatable, and you feel thankful right along with those characters.

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Love in this drama sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Yes, there are love interests, and the way the characters pursue their love will make you feel giddy. All the couples in this drama are adorable. It’s a definite slow burn but it’s really enjoyable to see how everything happens. Also, you get a feeling that nothing is guaranteed. This makes watching the drama more exciting.

What did I like about this drama?

Everything. Yes, everything. With every episode, you get to know each character more deeply. There are layers to everyone which are peeled as we go on ahead. The process of getting to know these characters while watching the story unfold is beautiful. Every character is poignant in the story and each of them adds to the essence of this drama. Hospital Playlist k-drama feels like a soothing balm that can take you away from your reality and then leave you with only good feels.

I want to live doing things I like and the things I want to do right now.

Also, it’s very interesting to see all the doctors doing surgeries and the way patients are treated. This drama makes you sincerely appreciate the people in the medical field.

OST Soundtrack

Every song that is sung in the band practice is my favorite. When you listen to them singing together like that, you can’t help but enjoy each song! The whole soundtrack is something you need to have on your playlist :p

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Hospital Playlist Music

Check out the show’s amazing playlist on Spotify –


This drama is a must-watch because it will make your heart happy. And in current times when things have been hard in the world we live in, we need something light-hearted packed with good feels and this drama serves the purpose of keeping your mind at ease.

Excited news – If you haven’t watched this drama yet then this is the right time to binge-watch because Season 2 is coming this year in May!!


The show is available on Netflix
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