Mouse K Drama – Episode 1-6 Thoughts and Theories

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Mouse K-Drama is a thriller series that follows the criminal investigation of murders committed by psychopathic killers. The cast includes Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Ju Hyun, and Kyung Soo Jin. The trailer makes you think that it is about Jung Ba Reum an officer who happens to come across a serial killer. This moment makes Jung Ba Reum’s life entangled in the fight for finding the culprit. Ah, Let me tell you it’s so much more than this.

This Mouse K-Drama review of episodes 1-6 contain SPOILERS!

Episode 1

Mouse K-Drama pulled all the stops starting from the first episode. Everything was so intense. The first scene itself grips you. It starts with a kid listening to the fact that snakes eat rodents and somehow the kid sneaks a mouse into the snake’s box but the mouse manages to survive. Interesting, I guess they wanted to draw a parallel between the mouse’s actions and the drama name. The scene cuts to 5 years later where the kid has grown up and questions if he is different from others around him? If he is a monster? We are then taken back 10 years where a young lady is murdered. The one behind it seems to be a serial killer who goes by the name of ‘Head Hunter’.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 1

We meet Daniel Lee who has researched psychopath genes. The research shows that mentally imbalanced people have a different set of genes when compared to other people. This leads them to believe that with the help of a DNA test they can determine future psychopaths even before one is born. As the episode goes on we see another murder and the reveal of the Head Hunter. Following the shocking events, we are then taken back to the first scene where we see how the kid ends up with a mouse. Then 5 years later we see how the same kid acts differently in a disturbing manner and how his family treats him because of it.

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Here the question arises for us Nurture vs Nature? If the kid with said psychopathic genes was nurtured in a better way, would that have defeated his nature? I guess that’s the point the show wants to explore. It’s important to note that along with the Head Hunter’s wife, another pregnant woman finds out through the DNA test that her unborn baby has psychopathic genes. This whole episode is like a base structure to how the story follows as we move further.

Episode 2

We see all the kids from episode one have grown up and their lives become intertwined in the present. The second kid who had identified the Head Hunter is a detective now trying to catch serial killers. His older brother survived after a lot of surgeries and became a priest. The kid from the first episode who showed psychopathic tendencies is a killer now. Detective Ko and Choi Hong Joo who is a producer for a crime-based news channel try to figure out the reason behind murders happening. It seems that in a way murders are happening to taunt god. As we know the kid from the first episode wanted to be saved from becoming a monster but in the end, he ends up becoming a killer. So the reason could be anger against god as he couldn’t save the kid from his said ‘Psychopathic nature’.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 2

The question arises in the present, Who is the killer? Well, we meet a young doctor Sung Yo Han, who shows no empathy while interacting with his patients. The doctor’s mannerisms certainly come off as cold. Here the show wants us to believe that the doctor could be the killer. He also could be the head hunter’s son. But then we meet Officer Jung and we don’t know yet how he fits in all of this. There’s also another intriguing character, Bong Yi. She’s a high school student who lives with her grandmother and seems to be suffering from anxiety or PTSD because of a certain incident that happened in the past. With another death happening, this time it looks like the killer is communicating with Detective Ko almost being arrogant about the killings.

So far Mouse K-Drama is really interesting, You feel like you know the killer already but when do we get answers so easily.

Episode 3

Mouse K-Drama Episode 3

We see Daniel meeting with the Head Hunter’s wife and asking about her son. She says he’s the sweetest and helpful person ever which is hard for Daniel to believe because he knew the results of the DNA test before the kid was born. Curiosity leads Daniel into checking on the doctor which results in his untimely demise. I have to say I did not expect his death, because I honestly thought he’d have a bigger purpose to serve. But then his death solidifies that Sung Yo Han is definitely shady and he could be honestly the killer.

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It’s surprising to see Sung Yo Han knowing Choi Hong Joo intimately. Choi Hong Joo is none other than the little girl who was responsible for luring a young lady making the lady Head Hunter’s victim in the past as shown in episode one. We also find out that Bong Yi has a past connection with Detective Ko.

Sung Yo Han has a basement room with all the murdered victims’ pictures taped to the wall. Bong Yi’s grandmother wanting to help her granddaughter ends up in the doctor’s house as a housekeeper. Things get intense! People just keep dying in this show. And it’s so sudden and it happens when you least expect it. Finally, the trailer scene plays, where Officer Jung happens to face the killer.

Episode 4

Ah, The death of grandma hit me hard. In the previous two episodes we get connected with her character so this was the first death that made me tear up. The pain and devastation felt by Bong Yi tears you up. By this episode, the audience supposedly knows who is the killer so it’s really hard to see the police missing any link or clues that could help them to catch the culprit. But then it gets really exciting because somehow the killer seems to make a game out of the criminal investigation and throws a challenge to the detective. It’s interesting to note that this personality doesn’t match the doctor’s who seems to be shown as the killer.

The killer wants the detective to find out the reason behind why he chose only certain people as his victims. He gives the detective an ultimatum which if failed will result in the death of a kidnapped kid. And then comes the big reveal! I almost hoped for this to happen because it’s so twisting and makes everything so dark and genuinely scary.

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Mouse K-Drama Episode 4

Episode 5

Well, the one thing I got so hyped on at the end of the previous episode seems to be a planned action on the part of the detective’s team. Still, I was blown. Watching this episode was one hell of a crazy roller coaster ride. Detective Ko and Choi Hong Joo face a lot of unexpected blows because it looks like the killer has outsmarted them at every step. It feels intense to watch the whole process of Detective Ko trying to figure out the reason. It’s a sigh of relief when finally the answer behind the choice of victims is cracked.

It’s interesting how the reason comes from children’s stories and seven deadly sins. The killer chooses the people as his victims when he sees that they don’t have a certain sin residing in them. It looks like the killer is always one step ahead in this game. We see the killer has Moo Won, the priest who is detective Ko’s brother. It’s so painful to see the detective begging for his brother’s life. All the killer wants is the priest to accept the ‘wrath’ he has against the Head hunter for killing his family. But Moo Won chooses forgiveness which leads to his death.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 5

We know the killer despises God and for him, these seven sins are a way to stand against God. It’s not a stretch to say he wants to take the lives of people who are not corrupted in the eyes of God. This is his way of punishing God for not heeding his prayer as a kid. When he calls himself the Almighty in the end, the killer’s hubris is witnessed. So many ups and downs followed with a shocking death, the episode ends leaving us with many more questions. Now we do know the reasons behind the killing, but who is the killer? It’s still a mystery. There’s a lot to process. This episode was pretty heavy.

Episode 6

Looks like Bong Yi knew where the killer was when he killed the priest. She faces off with him but thankfully manages to stay alive in the end. You feel affected by the death of the priest because of the emotions shown by Detective Ko. It is heart-wrenching to watch Detective Ko mourn his brother’s death. Certain revelations make Sung Yo Han finally a suspect. Even when we are shown some obvious scenes implicating Sung Yo Han as the killer, it feels like we are misled.

Particular scenes like the head hunter’s wife feeling sick after seeing Bong Yi and Officer Jung together; then Sung Yo Han telling his mother, “Your son is a murderer”. These scenes stand out because it definitely feels like we are missing something vital. There’s a face-off between Officer Jung and Sun Ho Yan again in a much more brutal manner. Mouse K-Drama knows how to shock its audience. It’s crazy. And the ending? It looks like the drama almost makes you know something but then makes you believe that’s not true. In the end drops a bomb, making you see how it fooled you.

The last scene of episode 6 gave me goosebumps. I almost had my doubts about Officer Jung still it was a shock to see it happening. This is how you know the drama is doing a good job at keeping the suspense secure until it wants to reveal it.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 6

New Episodes come every Wednesday and Thursday! You can watch Mouse K-Drama on Rakuten Viki.

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