Mouse K-Drama – To watch now or Binge watch later?

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Mouse K-Drama is a thriller series that follows the criminal investigation of murders committed by psychopathic killers. The cast includes Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Ju Hyun, and Kyung Soo Jin. The trailer makes you think that it is about Jung Ba Reum an officer who happens to come across a serial killer. This moment makes Jung Ba Reum’s life entangled in the fight for finding the culprit. Ah, Let me tell you it’s so much more than this.


The drama starts with a very shocking scene and then takes us back to the past to show us all that happened to reach that particular scene. You might feel lost at first but the drama does a good job of pulling you in with some intense scenes. It gives a proper thrilling finish to the first episode which sets the tone for the whole show. The story plays out in an interesting way as we continue watching the following episodes. We see the young characters from the first episode have grown up and their lives become intertwined in present. Some identities are disclosed without much build-up. But We see some are creatively masked which makes you question every character you are not sure of.

This is how the drama builds up the suspense. We have a serial killer but because of the past scenes from the first episode you already know who it is. The real catch is you don’t know who it can be in the present time. Sure there are some obvious scenes that make you believe you already know the killer but then the drama pulls you back from the notion as you go on watching. This back and forth keeps you engaged and makes you invested in the show.

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Be Aware

Mouse K-Drama is not for the faint-hearted. Deaths are to be expected as it deals with a serial killer who is yet to be caught. But then the deaths will also happen to the characters you form a connection with over the episodes. The loss felt by characters who are alive will make you emotional and sad. There are no soft blows here, everything is intense and anything could happen. You should go and watch the drama without reading any spoilers or theories regarding the suspense. In that way, you’ll absorb the shock factor more and relish the experience of watching this drama.

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Watch it weekly

In my opinion, you should follow it weekly because some episodes are heavy. There’s so much happening in them that it is important to process all that before moving forward to the next. Binge-watching can take a toll on your mind while dealing with intense scenes back to back. It might also take away the urge to watch more.

If you haven’t started watching it then I recommend you to start now. So far only 6 episodes have been out. The drama does a fantastic job of making you second guess any theories in your mind. It’s the edge of the seat watching drama. Mystery, killer action, suspense, the plot twist is something you crave then this drama is the right choice for you because it amps up the thrill factor. If you are curious about how each episode goes after you have seen the previous one or you have already caught up and want to share your theories then you are welcome to follow this link.

New Episodes come every Wednesday and Thursday! You can watch Mouse K-Drama on Rakuten Viki.

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