Mouse Kdrama Ep 9-10: Making You Scared For The Episodes Ahead!

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Mouse Kdrama episode 9 and 10 thoughts and theories after watching shocking reveal. It’s a crazy ride, Spoilers Ahead! I did not in any way expect what happened in these episodes. Kudos to the writer! It makes you scared for the episodes ahead.

Episode 9 – Delving deeper into the past

Mouse Kdrama episode 9 begins and we are taken back in the past of the Head Hunter to know why and how he became the killer he is now. It was interesting to see that all the killings were not just for fun, but they had a method and reason to it. We finally see what is in the tape Choi Hong Joo gives to the Chief Presidential Secretary. It does not look like Choi Hong Joo is aware of the brain transplant done on Officer Jung so her purpose of sharing that tape is still unclear.

Politics is corrupt and we see that in the way how the Head Hunter was able to do the brain transplant. When you give someone like the Head Hunter an inch then they’ll surely take the whole mile. Now that he has been able to finally able to achieve the result of all his experiments done so far, I imagine that he surely has some plans in motion for the coming days. This reckless decision of the officials will come back to bite them in future episodes.

Mouse Kdrama Episode 9

We finally know who is Choi Hong Joo, it seems that she’s one of the detective’s kids who were taken by the Head Hunter as we know from the first episode. We do not know a lot about her past, but this one bit of information adds to completing a part of the puzzle the story has left in front of us.

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The frontal lobe is responsible for emotions and memories, hence, we see officer Jung struggling to keep himself sane. Sometimes his emotions and actions are driven by Sung Yo Han’s frontal lobe. When he gets triggered it looks like he cannot keep a hold on himself which led to the dramatic scene at the end. Thankfully, we know Detective Ko is too important to be killed off this early in the drama. So, I’m assuming it was maybe Officer Jung’s visualization and not the reality. Still, His behavior is scary and leaves you with worry when it comes to future episodes.

Episode 10 – Another Psycho kid is revealed

Looks like the psychopathic killers are like a gift that Mouse Kdrama keeps on giving. Another psychopathic kid is revealed from the past and he is the reason for the current tie knot murders happening. Thankfully, Detective Ko is safe and officer Jung was able to curb his killer side. We see officer Jung scared of the prospect of becoming a killer. He prays to God asking him to not turn him into a monster. It is like the kid from the first episode that we believe to be Sung Yo Han who asks for the same thing. And we all know how that turned out.

When another case like the murders done by Sung Yo Han comes to light, it makes officer Jung believe that there is another killer out there. It makes him think Sung Yo Han may not be the killer, there is someone else involved. With this newfound hope that he does not have a killer’s brain in his head, he looks for the killer of the tie knot murder case assuming him to be the culprit of all.  When he catches him, he finds out that the killer is not involved with the murders before. And sudden flashbacks imply that Sung Yo Han was in fact the killer. The ending note of this episode is grim, it looks like officer Jung finally did what he feared.

Mouse Kdrama Episode 10

Even though the man he kills is a killer, still killing a human is bound to have left a drastic effect on him. And the fact that he keeps hearing Sung Yo Han’s voice in his head playing the devil feels like he would finally be losing it. We also do not have any preview for the next episode, and it looks the story is about to take a turn for the worse. You better hold on to your heart when it comes to the episodes ahead!

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