Mouse Kdrama Episode 7-8: Making You Crazy Every Week

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Mouse Kdrama’s thoughts and theories after watching shocking reveal in Episode 7 and 8. It’s a crazy ride, Spoilers Ahead! I did not in any way expect what happened in these episodes. Kudos to the writer!

Episode 7 – Bolder deaths

We see Head Hunter’s wife having a nightmare where she dreams of giving birth to a boy with demon eyes. She is honestly terrified by her son. But then you see she still really gets emotional for Sung Yo Han. I have to say Mouse Kdrama keeps getting bolder with deaths. Sung Yo Han dying was so out of the blue. Still, it’s impactful and helps the story in the direction the writer wants us to go. Seeing him die finally makes you feel a tinge of sadness. Why? Yes, He was shown as the killer for the last 6 episodes. But It feels there is more to uncover when it comes to the way he confronted officer Jung.

It should be noted that Head Hunter’s wife was very sad about him dying. It wouldn’t have been the case if she was so terrified of him. She makes a statement saying, ‘How can I atone my sins?’ It makes you question whether Sung Yo Han was the killer or not. The tinge of sadness I felt when he died shows how great the direction of the drama is going. You realize at some level that something is missing even when you are made to believe a different thing.

Officer Jung’s brain is critically damaged. In the end, he survives but with the loss of memory. It’s interesting how his character has turned the whole opposite to how he was before. The drama skips one year into the future and everything seems different than before. It’s like a whole complete second phase has started as a result of the first 6 episodes. It’s intriguing because even though you feel the difference, Mouse Kdrama maintains its theme which is the criminal investigation of a psychopathic serial killer. Murders are happening and the evidence leads the detective back to the Head Hunter. A new layer is revealed from the past. Did the Head Hunter have an accomplice? Well, it looks like that could be the case.

Mouse Kdrama Episode 7

What’s important to note is Officer Jung’s personality here. He has no memories but the way he reacts to seeing a dead body, his heart-thumping feeling, and the way he can put himself in the killer’s shoes and talk about the murder scenes. It’s almost like he did it. Well, my theory is the surgery might have affected some part of his brain where he doesn’t remember his killer side? But he does feel it. Is he the one behind the current murders? Well, the drama is dropping hints pointing fingers towards him. But I’d like to wait and see what more is yet to come.

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One thing we know for sure is that nothing is how it seems, there’s a lot yet to be revealed from the past that’s been kept hidden from us. But one confirmation? Officer Jung is the kid with the mouse from the first episode! It’s funny how even knowing this finally for a fact doesn’t seem to answer a lot of questions like I thought it would.

Episode 8 – Unbelievable

Wow, this episode was on fire. Another character is revealed from the past, a young girl older than the kid we believe to be Officer Jung. She shows crazy vibes. Again, who is she in the present? We have no idea. Also, Choi Hong Joo is acting suspiciously now. We know in the past as a kid she helped lure the victims in for Head Hunter. But I like to believe that she didn’t do the killing even though certain signs indicate that she is hiding something big.

It doesn’t sit well with her character before a year ago where she talks about how Sung Yo Han couldn’t acquire salvation. Her character is a mystery, she makes us second guess her motives all the time. And Why did Officer Jung feel an ache when he looked at her? He never had any sort of close connection with her before as such.

We find the culprit for the current murders happening and the murderer lies about one thing. It seems many secrets are buried in the past and with every new action that takes place in the present, they come to light. We get to meet Bong Yi and it looks like the story will go forward into finally uncovering what happened in her past. It will be interesting to see how the storyline will go now that Detective Ko is arrested.

Mouse Kdrama Episode 8

The main and the most unbelievable thing that happens in the episode is the reveal of the person who did the brain surgery of Officer Jung. It was the most shocking and unexpected thing. Followed by the insinuation that Officer Jung could be carrying Sung Yo Han’s brain? Seriously it feels impossible but then it also seems viable because of the characteristics of Officer Jung after brain surgery. But then some things contradict this theory like why would the Head Hunter put his son’s head in another’s when his son was not critical? For shits and giggles?

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Maybe He was not ready for his legacy to end. If Sung Yo Han survived, he would only end up in prison and that would be a waste. But if somehow the brain can be preserved in the form of the most trustful nation hero officer then that gets interesting enough for a psychopath like him. It almost seems like the Head Hunter has too much power and he’s controlling the strings of this story sitting behind bars.

Am I disappointed that Officer Jung may not be the killer? Well, halfway while watching him take care of the cat and interacting with Bong Yi I felt almost sad and scared for the ending of Mouse Kdrama because if he was the killer then it is going to be so dark. Now it almost feels like this is a surprising way out and it won’t feel bad wanting officer Jung to survive in the end. Well, those are my current thoughts. Honestly, I like how no theory is absolute when it comes to this drama, in one episode you are thinking one way, and the next it’s another. It’s like the drama is deceiving us. We know we won’t see the real thing until the writer wants to reveal it. So buckle up!

New Episodes come every Wednesday and Thursday! You can watch Mouse K-Drama on Rakuten Viki.

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